Sony Alpha 5000 // pictures + review ♡

As you know, I recently attended the Sony Alpha 5000 Bloggers Gathering at Carcosa Seri Negara HERE and I got to bring back the camera to try and use in my daily routine.

The Sony Alpha 5000 is pretty light and convenient to carry around, provides me with DSLR quality pics, and best of all I don’t need to bring a large camera bag to keep it in. I brought it out with me to a couple of events and it even fits in my medium sized handbags.

A rather candid shot of me at the M.Scape Ferrari lounge at the 2014 Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix taken on Intelligent Auto mode the scene’s characteristics and changes mode to best suit it.

Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Raikonnen came over to meet us fans in the lounge! This shot used the face detect feature to focus on Kimi’s face instead of the other objects around.

Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Raikonnen came over to meet us fans in the lounge! This shot used the face detect feature to focus on Kimi’s face instead of the other objects around. It also

An OOTD shot of me outside the Ferrari garage during the pit walk. Again used the face detect which ensured that my face wasn’t dark in the shadow of my cap.

Zoomed in to the Ferrari garage to snap this shot of the engineers preparing the car for the race. Used Intelligent Auto (iA) mode to shoot this where I could adjust the brightness. You can also adjust the amount of Background Defocus, Colour Temperature, colour Vividness, and even change picture effects right from the iA mode! This is great when you don’t have time to manually set the ISO/ shutter speed/ aperture, etc. etc.

Video mode is really easy to use as there’s a dedicated video record button near the shutter button. Just press it once to record then press it again to stop recording.

Used the Night Scene mode to capture this picture at the FMFA 2014 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.. Look how the colours came out so nicely? It was due to the large APS-C sensor that picks up more light and details. But what about portraits taken in low light?

Night Portrait Mode shot with the Sony Alpha 5000. With Mabel and Melisa at the FMFA 2014. We certainly had tons of fun that night!

Night Portrait shot this time at the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge.

Caught a photo of the dancers this time using the P (programme auto) mode which automatically sets aperture and shutter speed. As it was rather dark I manually set the ISO and exposure compensation to ensure that there was enough light and I loved how the Sony Alpha 5000 captured the lighting effects!

Now here are some random shots taken with the Sony Alpha 5000.

A picture of scones and tea; I played around with the picture effects this time. Set in the low light mode, added on the 'Toy Camera' picture effect for that vignette effect. You can see how the objects far away like the car are completely out of focus, while the lights on the miniature toy house gives out this bokeh like effect, and all the focus falls on the scones, showing how fluffy it is! I was impressed with my picture taking skills but all these was a success thanks to the Sony Alpha 5000 for its large sensor dimensions that raises sensitivity to settings as high as 16000 which allowed me to naturally capture pictures in a dimly lit scene without using a flash.

Was having a late night scones and tea break at Kaffe & Cafe. Spotted this miniature toy house using the Anti Motion Blur scene mode which reduces blur indoors with poor lighting. Look at the detailing on the miniature toy house! From the fake grass to the tiny 'tanglungs'. I was in awe!

Tried the Portrait scene mode for this shot after lunch. The Portrait mode emphasized subject by blurring away the background and reproduces soft skin tones. Don’t mind my silly expression, the boyfriend was happily snapping away with the camera as he found it really interesting as the pictures all looked great and the tons of functions installed in the camera.

Had lunch at the Japanese restaurant on Telawi Street. These fish flakes were quite tricky to capture with my phone's camera but with the Sony Alpha 5000 I had no trouble and use the Macro mode to capture this then upload this straight to my mobile phone thanks to the built-in Wifi. 

Shot this using the “Portrait” mode with the “Soft Skin” effect which made my complexion look so smooth and flawless!

Some yummy fluffy Japanese pancakes taken with the Sony A5000.

More selfie's taken with this camera!
Love the quality so much, I think it's a great selfie camera as it smoothen's the skin without looking fake.

Outfit of the day picture which I used the Superior Auto mode which shoots automatically while reducing blurring and noise. Loved how it turned out so I transferred it to my phone via NFC and uploaded it straight to my Instagram.

After a very yummy lunch at I took a selfie with the boyfriend! I can have perfect self portraits by taking them on my own. All I have to do is flip the LCD screen up allowing me to view how the picture would turn out. Also loving the Soft Skin effect on high! Perfect skin anybody?

One of my oyster Sunday.
The detailing of the pictures are superb as you can see the rims of the oysters so defined even when you've zoomed in on the picture.

More outfit pictures where I transferred them straight to my phone and up to my social media.
Saved so much time doing this!

Another pic using Macro mode. Look at how the cake’s texture was captured!

I love fashion, and sometimes I share my outfit of the day on social media but sometimes my iPhone just doesn't do my clothes any justice. Using the Sony Alpha 5000 set on Superior Auto mode which I get to adjust the setting to my own preferences - background Defocus, Brightness, Colour and Vividness of the picture. Great for those who don’t want or know how to adjust the ISO, shutter speed or aperture.

Here’s what the Sony Alpha 5000 can do in the hands of a professional.

A view of the KL skyline shot by MHB’s official photographer Andy Kho from his condo using the “Sunset” mode.

Overall I am madly in love with this camera as all its function suits my daily lifestyle. From outfit of the day, to food pictures, to just random shots of whatever I think is beautiful. I get to experiment with the camera settings which I found it a breeze to handle without even reading the manual! The fact that I can also directly transfer the pictures to my phone right away was an extra plus point. No more unclear pictures from my phone but beautiful HD pictures from the Sony Alpha 5000. The built-in flash was another major plus point as I won't have to carry around an additional flash for the camera.

The Sony Alpha 5000 will be available in Malaysia from 21 February 2014 onwards with the suggested retail price:-

Single Lens Package (Body + 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens) at RM1,999
Twin Lens Package (Body + 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 + 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3) at RM2,799

Head over here to find out more on the Sony Alpha 5000 –

More info at or at


Anonymous said…
thanks SO much for this review. you and your photos are amazing. i have decided to take the plunge and buy this camera. thanks again!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Stephanie, you are so gorgeous in the photos and your photos are amazing. May I know that your photos shoot with single lens or with twin lens ?
stephiielim said…
Hey there,

I'm using the single lens :) It's a really good camera.
stephiielim said…
That's nice to know, have fun! x
Anonymous said…
Thanks, pretty Stephanie!!
Miriam said…
Amazing photos Stephanie. I just got my hands on the sony a5000 and great to read your post on each mode.

stephiielim said…
Hi Miriam,

I hope you enjoy your new camera! Have a pleasant week, xx.
JunFu said…
Just got myself a5000 and your review amazed me on getting it.
stephiielim said…
Hi Junfu,

That's great! I hope you enjoy your new camera :)
Unknown said…
Hi how did u turn on the soft skin mode?

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