Blended ♡

Managed to catch the screening of Blended on Tuesday.
It was nice seeing Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore back for their third movie together, you know somehow it's gonna be super funny!


The movie is about a man and a woman who goes on a blind date, and somehow ended up going on a vacation together with their own families. Their attraction for each other grows and they get closer. 

Well you can see where that is heading.

I did enjoy the movie, I never laughed this much for a movie since.. I can't even remember
My date also enjoyed the movie though I did see bad critics online. I don't know how does it fair with Sandlers old movies but this was a fun, funny summer holiday movie. Funny scenes, touching moments, yes the story line was a bit predictable but not the whole movie. There were certain parts that didn't go the way you would predict it to.

A good movie to watch with your family (since fathers day is around the corner) or just kick back on a weekend and enjoy some good ol' laughter!

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If you've watched this movie, let me know what you think about it in the comment box below!

Till then, xx.


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