#DIY : My Everyday Makeup ♡

Hey guys!
This post is specially done for all you lovely supportive readers that's been reading my blog for a while now.

I've always been getting requests of how do I do my make up and etc.
Previously I did a how-to for Shu Uemura's range but this time I decided on doing a video as it'll be more understandable (I hope, hehe).

My day time make up is pretty simple and I'm still not use to doing/creating VLOGs yet.
Gotta get use to iMovie soon!

Suggestions on what my next video should be or how I can improve are welcome, just drop me a comment below! :)

On the next beauty question, I have Kelly who asked me about my weight and how I maintain it.

Basic facts about myself, I am 166cm and I weigh approximately 42kg-45kg.
Yes my weight fluctuates frequently but it's mostly due to my hormones or my stress/activity level.

When I was in college my weight drastically changes over weeks and nowadays it only changes by month.

When I was still in my teens I didn't care about my food intake and I was always eating sweets and swooshing down cans of carbonated drinks. Soon I learnt that it was a really really bad habit and it costs me indigestion which often leads to a bad acid reflux/gastric. Secondly, I thought that since I've always been skinny there will never be a chance that I'll put on any kilos. Well my teen days are over and I learnt how to love my body more and care for it too.

I started monitoring my sugar intake especially. I started eating more vegetable and fruits, I started loving salad! This definitely improved my digestion by a lot and I hardly get bloated. I think bloating was my worst enemies and if you followed my blog for a while you'll notice that my face was super round last time. Drinking loads of water does helps tremendously too but always remember not to drink too much before you sleep! 

I hardly exercise but I'll do some light stretching or brisk walking whenever I can, I mainly focus on what I eat. I eat small portions throughout the day and I think that helps the most. My metabolism has definitely slowed down a lot and monitoring what goes in my body is a good way of maintaining my figure. 

I hope this helps!

More tips, tricks and info soon, xx.


Anonymous said…
Although the video is quite long but it is very suitable for make up beginners! Pla kindly do a video on Night-time-look. Also the bronzer/highlighter works magic. Its really good.. Can you share where can I bought it from?? :)
stephiielim said…
Yeah I know :/ sorry bout that. Will do another one soon! Thanks for the support :) it's from the Balm cosmetics.
Nick said…
i know this is gonna be useful for girls! :)

Jane Lam said…
u look so beautiful even without any make up or anything. its like flawless~!
stephiielim said…
Hello Jane, thank you for your kind compliments! :)

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