✈ Dubai ♡ pt. I ✈

Headed to Dubai this time round and we sat on the new MAS Airbus A380!
Thankfully for a night flight as I always can sleep peacefully the night before. I have no idea why can't I sleep on planes. Even if I can lay flat. 

The Airbus A380 is definitely HUGEEE.
Even the stairs to the upper deck is majestic haha.

Toilet selfie cause I couldn't sleep.

Everything was slightly bigger and they had night lights which was cool, kinda made me sleepy but I still couldn't sleep.

We woke up to the beautiful city of Dubai.
The airport was huge, with different terminals and huge lifts. This city definitely knows how to make everything look like gold.

As we pulled up into the city, all we saw were buildings after buildings. And they're not just any buildings. They were tall, reflective and huge. The architecture for some buildings were just amazing. Dubai the city of gold.

Since we were way early to check into our hotel we decided to head straight to the waterpark, crazy right. With the lack of sleep I wondered how was I gonna pull through the whole day, plus the jetlag ; 8 hours behind Malaysia.

We were finally at Wild Wadi. One of the waterparks in Dubai.
Like everything else in Dubai, it was also huge.

It was a bit tough to figure out which swimsuit I was gonna bring. Thank god I had some monokinis at home and I decided to go with this one. In Dubai, you're not allowed to show too much skin although you will still see people walking around in itsy weenie tiny bikinis. It's definitely not a nice thing to visit someones country and treat it like your own. People gotta start respecting each others country.

With the magnificent Burj Al Arab behind me, one of Dubai's infamous landmarks.

Behind Erin is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
Another majestic building with a unique architecture.

This water park is cool as you get to actually spend sometime checking out some architecture and still get to have some fun.

Manmade beach/surf pool in Wild Wadi.

Probably one of the nicest view you can get of the Burj Al Arab.

Maybe cause it was a weekday and we were early hence, the park wasn't as pack as during weekends you might need to purchase the express pass to skip queues and so on.

Baby sis and I.

So we sat on a few slides -- I really enjoyed the connecting slides. It was fun and it's a long ride so we don't have to keep going on and off, plus it was connected to the lazy river which was pretty awesome. Probably one of the longest lazy river I've sat on too.

Getting my tan on even at a water park haha!

It was fun and enjoyable, but we finished exploring and sitting on rides right about lunch time. Which was just nice as most of us was starving. Bathed, changed and got ready before we headed to The Dubai Mall.

The mall was huge, with tons of stores from tons of brands we don't have back home.
I could go crazy shopping here. It's never ending!

By the way, there's also a dresscode at the mall. Shoulders and knees should be covered all times. A midi dress is your best friend when you're at Dubai. It's not the toughest thing to pack plus you can dress it up or down, and also accessorize it!

The Dubai Mall's Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.
Sadly I did not explore the aquarium as I was really really hungry and it was filled with families etc. Gonna take a while to explore it. Have any of you visited it?

Passed by lots of shops selling pretty things from knicknacks to colourful chocolates!

Finally we settled down at one of the restaurants daddy just had to go too.
Man wants his steak and beans.

The food was delicious and they didn't stinge on the portion which I love. 
The salad above is actually a side dish! Can you believe the size? Finishing that makes me full already.

Best part, the restaurant is next to the fountain and we could walk around while waiting for them to bring our food.

The amazing Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world.
The building that would make you feel and look like an ant.

The feeling was crazy unbelievable when you're right infront of this skyscraper. 

Thanks to its reflective glass, it blended in so well with the skies. 

Oh did I mentioned that they even have an ice rink in the mall?

We walked around the mall, did some shopping and explored every inch we could as we were afraid that we might not have time to come back in the next coming days.

Scenic view of the city while the sun was setting.

Opposite the Dubai Mall was the Souk where all the other cafe's and bars are located at.

At night the whole city lit up.
Every building glimmered like stars among the dark blue skies. It was such a pretty sight!

We watched the beautiful fountain show, if you really wanna catch this you gotta be there earlier as tourist flock over to the fountain minutes before it goes on. It goes on from 7pm-11pm for ever hour.

Will update with part two soon!

till then, x.


sgrmse. said…
dear lord, dubai looks goooorgeous!!! this is kind of why i miss being in the middle east sometimes. just the whole change of scene. btw, i love your black midi dress & erin's bathing suit! where'd she buy her bathing suit from? thanks.
Nick said…
wow simply lovely shots! where're u from? :)

stephiielim said…
Hey there! it's so gorg, it's like love in first sight. Thanks my midi dress is from Topshop and Erin's bathing suit is actually mine. Got it from Curve's flea market :)
1 said…
my goodness Dubai looks beautifulll! LOVE your swimsuit by the way :DD

xx Mandy
stephiielim said…
Hi Mandy! Yes it is :) thanks!!
stephiielim said…
You should go on a holiday! :D
mizzmoi said…
These photos are amazing, I am actually so jealous of you right now!

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