✈ Hua Hin & Bangkok ♡ 2014 [pt. III] ✈

We finally left Cha Am , Hua Hin and headed for the big city, Bangkok.
This will be my second time there and I wonder what I'll come across.

As we approach the city we came across bustling streets and tiny alleys.
The city was packed, it was crazy. Not only is the city or even country was facing election politics with protesters marching from Hua Hin to Bangkok, they were even having rallies in the city centre with protesters camping outside of Central Mall.

Nevertheless, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The protesters were actually quite peaceful and they minded their own business. We checked in to our hotel, changed, had a light lunch then headed off to Platinum Mall for some shopping.

In my comfy clothes ready to attack the mall! Muahaha.
Bought this trolley bag for about RM20 to carry all the stuff we're gonna buy later. Lesson learnt from my previous trip, carrying 10 bags of plastic bags on one arm is not an easy feat! Plus, we'll be helping the environment with less usage of plastic bags :p

After a whole day of shopping (we literally shopped till we dropped) we headed back to our hotel and took a wonderful nap before dinner and massage. Below our hotel there was a night market going on, and it went on every night until we checked out. It was great as we could easily get street food, trinkets and souvenirs without going the distance.

The next day with headed over to Central World which is a walking distance from our hotel too. 
Everything was a walking distance from our hotel which is nice. I don't know why didn't I take any pictures of us at  the hotel or of our bedrooms which was spacious to by the way, even the pool was superb (but I didn't get to go for a dip) but I posted pictures up on my Facebook which you can find HERE.

Though I would suggest the new Novotel which is located beside Platinum Mall as it's in the middle of everything. I don't actually enjoy walking around when I am in Bangkok as it can get a bit havoc.

Back to Central World, I love how the front of the mall is really huge and spacious. Sadly the roads were closed off for the protesters as they were camping outside. It was very airy and big! There were pagodas infront of the mall which allowed the public to do their prayers and so on.

See what I mean by big?
It felt like I was in Singapore at Orchard Rd for a second there. A different side of Thailand I've not seen or experienced. Central World might be one of the few more upper class malls. All sorts of imported brands can be found at Central World!

After a bit of shopping for United Nude shoes we headed to a cupcake shop to enjoy some cupcakes and tea. The mall is seriously huge and you might get lost. The top floor is where you can find all sorts of restaurants and cafes offering all sorts of cuisines!

Our very colourful and big cupcakes.
And they tasted yummy too! 

The top floor has a very nice modern deco, with lights shaped like an acorn but opens up like a flower.
How beautiful is that?

Natural light beamed in through the glass ceiling which gave it a very outdoorsy feel.

We then headed to Nara for lunch.
Was craving for some authentic Thai food! 

Pandan Chicken and Tom Yum soup.

Fish Cakes.

Prawn and Oyster omelette.

The food was no doubt delicious being Thailand's Best Restaurant from 2007-2013 but the service could've been better. The waiters were throwing on sulky faces with such a bad attitude it made dining a little less enjoyable being surrounded with people who are like that.

After lunch we continued shopping and exploring the mall.

One day is certainly NOT ENOUGH to cover this mall.
There's just so much to see and eat!

Look at all the cute gelato popsicles :D

Anyways I will continue this post with a part four soon!

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Till then!


Nick Chan said…
Bangkok is always lovely! Look at the number of restaurants and cafes in the mall, there are so many varieties when compare to Malaysia's.
stephiielim said…
Hey Nick, yes Bangkok is nice and yes it's filled with things! from food to shopping and even the night life is way better. But sometimes Bangkok feels too hectic, pollution, traffic jams are crazy! Nevertheless I love the Thai's hahaha.
Ashlyn said…
Hi, may I know where did you bought your trolley bag from in bangkok? Btw, which hotel are you staying in bangkok?
stephiielim said…
Hello! I bought it right in front of Platinum Mall for RM30 +/- . I stayed at the hotel next to Palladium mall. Clean and up to par :) convenient too

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