#KLFW2014 ♡

Attended the first day of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week , cause as most of you know I'm in Melbourne right now haha. Kinda bummed as I wanted to check out Fridays show but oh wells.

I had a fun time on the first day of KLFW than I normally would, maybe it's the company :) plus we got good seats which made a whole lot of difference as I could see the cutting, flow, material (insert whatever fashion term you'd please).

The boyfriend and I.

Started off the day with a collection from Joe Chia, Silas Liew and Sleeping Pills from Thailand.

Sleek, simple, designs for men.

Loving all the flowy capes and dresses by Silas Liew. Very light and airy but still edgy.
Would love to own the one worn in the second last picture above.

Though I really really love the collection by this Thai designer under the label Sleeping Pills.
Love the dresses, geometric patterns, capes and so on!

It was so me! haha. 

Capes were appearing over and over again on the runway for day one of KLFW.

My outfit of the day for KLFW. Met the designer Azraai Azizan in the flesh after this round of shows. He was so nice and so happy to see me rocking his skirt! Major love. 

Check it out HERE if you would like to purchase his designs :)

Returned to the center court of Pavilion for the next show.

First time on KLFW, Kittie Yiyi!
It's such a different feeling when you see your friends designs up on the runway. 
Love the bold colourful designs, it was such a cheerful bright collection produced by Kittie. 

Be sure to keep an eye for her as I am sure you'll be seeing more of her soon.

Loving all the dresses from Afio M.
Very elegant, very pretty, beautiful cut and structure!
Ah, I would die in them! Look at the slits! Gorgeous.

Collection by Maatin Shakir.
Sleek elegance.

Lots of stripes and tropical patterns by Najeeb.
Made me feel like taking a trip to the Caribbean.

Last but not least, Nizal Zamil.

So many gorgeous pieces on day one itself, I wonder what's next ahhh.

p/s : I am no fashion pro , I talk about it with my own opinion based on what I would wear and what I like. 

If you went for KLFW do share your opinions with me or let me know who's your favourite designers.
Till then x.


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