Sweedskin Soft Launch at JW Marriott ♡

The girls from MHB and I attended the soft launch for a skin product that was held at a beauty convention at JW Marriott. All dress in our semi-formal wear, we were highly anticipating this talk on how to maintain our skin.

Skin care is very essential, because day in day out you have to put your best face forward. Neglecting your skin is the worst mistake you can make because our skin can be very delicate and sometimes it will cost you more money to save it then to maintain it. 

Introducing Sweedskin. A medical-grade skincare line, that is only available in designated skin clinics and certified dermatologists.

Having won the European Cosmetics Innovation Prize 2014, Sweedskin is the very first skincare producer in the South East Asia to use the newly launched Snow Algae Powder, which acts as an active ingredient to protect and activates longevity factors in skin cells, rejuvenates and protects skin at cellular level and at the same time, safeguards skin's youthfulness by activating Klotho. They are also the firsts to use the newly launched Celtonyl worldwide.

Snow Algae Powder is the key to skin's longevity which is a great anti-ageing property. It was the first time ever for me hearing of this and I was amazed by the benefits of this Snow Algae Powder I couldn't wait to try it.

Soon, we were given a welcoming speech by the founders of Sweedskin and also an explanation regarding the latest range from Sweedskin. 

A few key points of the products from this latest range ; not only does it helps on anti-ageing but also helps maintain skin elasticity. The talk was educational, and I learnt so much but I still had a few questions regarding the Snow Algae Powder.

The Question and Answer session was really interesting as the audiences present were all medical practitioners, the queries that were raised were very intriguing. Sarah and myself didn't miss out and had few questions of our own.

So here's a breakdown of the new range from Sweedskin. There are 7 key products in the Sweedskin line. An entire skincare range if I may just add.

Age Reversing Serum
Snow Algae With this extremely nourishing and ultra-rich serum it helps to reduce existing visible wrinkles/ fine lines and restore skin's comfort. Instantly skin feels firmer, plumper, lifted, leaving your skin smoother, supple and younger looking skin.

Luminous Purifying Cleanser
Organic Amaranth Protein Luminous Purifying Cleanser can be one of the most valuable facial cleansers to maintain your natural healthy skin. It deeply cleanses and hydrates your skin in a mild yet efficient way, leaving your skin feeling fresh, supple and revived.

Skin Activator
Celtonyl Experience an idea daily touch facial mist to clean, clarify and refresh your delicate skin. It is a non-drying facial mist formulated to restor skin's comfort by removing impurities, soothes and hydrates your skin.

UV Protection Day Cream SPF30
Ecocert TiO Natural and silicone free sunscreen with SPF30 helps to restore vitality and healthy skin. This luxuriously rich cream provides sun protection, hydration and intensively nourishing your skins, keeps your skin protected from UV rays and moisturize all day long.

Brightening Serum
MELAVOID A serum formulated to restore a luminous and healthy glow to skin while leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother and progressively reveal the skin's natural youthful look, and the skin looks radiant again!

Luminous Moisturizer Serum
Patch H2O Experience the ultimate in skin hydration, This intensive hydrating serum instantly absorbs into the skin and offers instant, immediate and sustainable hydration, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Sebum Reducer Serum
Affipore Specially formulated this exclusive non-greast sebum control serum for oily/ acne prone skin. It helps to reduce excess sebum secretion to avoid enlarged pores, shiny patches and improved the skin's appearance and texture.

The soft launch was direct and brief, yet markedly informative. 

Each of us got to bring home a sample but before we left...
Obviously we had to take some good shots since we hardly get to meet up nowadays when everyones schedule is crazy packed!

legs, legs, legs!

And here's my  outfit of the day :

Satin playsuit from Topshop UK
Cuff from H&M
Shoes from Aldo

p/s:  I've tried the Age Reversing Serum and it is as good as it claims. My skin was noticeably firmer, bouncier, less dull; overall it looked healthier!

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