X-Men Days of Future Past at Indulge TGV ♡

I hope by now most of you have watched X-Men Days of Future Pasts.
I managed to catch the preview screening all thanks to Maybank and mummy for bringing me as her date.

Best part was that we were gonna watch the movie at the new Indulge theatre by TGV.
I've seen them renovating it since last year and have always been wondering what's it gonna be.

Finally they've opened the door for the public!

The interior was calming and cosy with purple and blue lights and plush chairs all around for you to lounge and relax before your movie starts.

You can also dine and have a nice meal before you enter the cinema hall.
The best part is, the food doesn't even cost that much! Plus, it was rather delicious.

Pumpkin Soup.
Better than most restaurants I've tried, it was bland and definitely didn't taste like dahl, where most 'top' restaurants in KL can't achieve god knows why.

We ordered the Grilled Steak which was juicy and tender even though it wasn't top grade steak it was still yummy. There wasn't the usual beefy stench nor was the meat hard to chew through. It was lovely, and the price wasn't too pricey either.

Finally, Cajun Chicken!
I love love love this chicken. I hardly love chicken dishes and the meat always taste so dried out but this was seriously unexpected. Probably the most worth dish in the whole menu haha.

We were then ushered into our theatre hall where we sat comfortably in sofas seats with soft, cooling comforters for each of us.

I enjoyed the movie and I loved the setting of the cinema!
Best part is that I could order desserts and beer. 

I definitely love the experience I had at TGV Indulge and it's really worth it for the price.

Will update more soon!


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