✈ Dubai ♡ pt. II ✈

So for the second day in Dubai we went on the Big Bus tour as we can squeeze all the sight seeing in one day and we can hop on and off anytime. Plus the stop was right opposite where we were staying.

Got up early in the morning, we can't sleep any longer anyways. Our body is still following the timing back home. Our parents must've been happy hahaa.

Erin and I.
We chose to sit at the upper deck open air area since we'll have a better view then inside of the bus.

It was a beautiful morning!
The sun was shinning and everything was gleaming brightly.

You can see the drastic difference of the city and the suburbs.
It's more mellow in the suburbs with some old structures still intact. It's pretty gorgeous still. Reminds me of Istanbul. 

It was pretty chilly for a bright sunny day but I enjoyed the contrast.

We finally reached the Dubai Museum.

It was packed with tourists and school kids but it was nice how they maintained their museum.

It looked kinda small at first, so we wandered around, taking pictures with everything we see cause we thought we wouldn't be spending that much time there so we gotta kill 30 minutes before the other bus arrives.

We wandered into some of the rooms, until we realized... It was an underground museum!

They showed how their locals lived back when Dubai was still just a desert filled with loads of empty land and no skyscrapers, how people use to do business and so on.

Some of their replicas look scarily real that I screamed when I turned into a corner and thought someone was following me -.- most silliest thing I did in Dubai Erin couldn't stopped laughing.

We spent an hour at the museum, which was shocking cause we thought we would've spent less time there. It was actually fun and we did learn a few new things.

So it was back on the bus and off through the streets of Dubai.

Our next stop was where you can find almost all sorts of gold.

Welcome to Dubai City of Gold.

Streets after streets and all you will see is gold and diamonds. 
It's crazy over here, thought their gold is quite different than the one we get back home. 

Mom bought some jewelry but me and Erin ended up buying souvenirs for our friends.

Hopped back on the bus and continued on with the tour.

Sight seeing in the easiest fastest way!

We stopped by a mall at the suburbs, which was also huge and filled with brands that you can only imagine a suburban mall won't have. Erin and I went crazy at Forever 21 as it was relatively cheaper than Malaysia.

Caught one of the most beautiful sunsets and it was back to the hotel.

Chilled for a bit then it was back to the Dubai Mall for more shopping!
Don't mind my hair, it's been a long day and I didn't have any time at all to look pretty.

Agent Provocatuer.
Lots of beautiful lingerie but I ain't paying RM500 for an item. 

A guy should get me that! :p

The interior is really pretty at the high end brands area.
Not saying that the other area ain't pretty but this side was prettier haha.

After all the walking we decided to have tea at Laduree.
There are way more choices here than the one in Singapore. 

Love love love!


Finally Erin gets to try out these yummy macarons.
The second one I love is from Melbourne, in a small little quaint store on Hardware Lane.

So we ordered six macarons, 3 each. Cause any more we'll be on a sugar rush and we don't have that much time to sit there to enjoy them as I'll be meeting a friend later on.

We ordered Rose, Chocolate, Vanilla, Earl Grey, Marshmallow and Salted Caramel.

After that we headed to Souk to meet my college buddy Jaafar who has been working in Dubai for his dad.

We chilled at a bar facing the fountain, it was really lovely with all its plush sofas and colour coordinated interior.

Surprisingly the alcohol prices in Dubai isn't that much of a difference compared to Malaysia.
The bottle of wine we ordered cost about RM300 and it was an average grade wine, unlike Macau where we had the mid range to low grade of wine for RM700. That's crazy!

Jaafar and I.

Erin and I.

Lots of expats at that bar playing bar games, and a few drunk people around.
Funny thing that happened, people thought I was Filipino and Erin as a China chinese. 

Ended the night catching up with a long lost buddy and talks about life.

Will upload more on Dubai soon!



Sandra said…
Hmm..recently in Crown Plaza in few days ago I had a good night with my husband . That was really an amazing experience. They serve Asian , Japanese noodle bar style food and healthy fresh juices. They have family friendly environment for people who wanted to visit there. Thanks!
stephiielim said…
Hi Sandra,

Which Crown Plaza were you staying at? Glad you enjoyed your vacay :) xx

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