Gold Skies ♡

Another round of party pictures!
I've got a feeling that I might've posted some before, I might not. 
Anyways enjoy. Very little caption, loads of pictures ♡

Alvin, Puiyee, myself, Howie and Mel.

with Sander Van Doorn.

Vodka face hahaha. Look how red my eyes were!


Aida, Brenda and myself.

Fedde Le Grand and myself.

Lydia, Manda and myself.

Partner in crime and I.

Sze Liang, Howie and I.

being choked by CM, Davern and Jeehoe next to him.

half of Puiyee, Alvin, Howie and I.
Probably the night with tons of funny pictures of my emotions lol.

May, CM and I.

Howie and Deorro.

Panda guy and I!

Lydia, Manda and I, again.

Lydia, Manda and Matt.

Myself, Manda and Lydia.


Cay and myself.

Matt, Manda and I.

Jaafar and I.

Darryl and Howie.

Behind console gang.

... and another one

and anotherr oneee! haha.

last but not least, Sick Individuals and I.

Hopefully they bring back the rave scene in Malaysia.
I am truly deprived and I need something outdoors with all the space in the world to roam around, dancing in flats, and listening to good music. Oh wells.

Till then! 



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