✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 [EOTY pt. II] ✈

On the first night itself we decided to go all out.
Hey, you only live once right? And you only get to stay up as late and go as crazy only when you're young.
AND ALSOOOOOOO... since we've got our own villa, might as well! :p

Before the table got all messy, there we lines of glasses, and a line of bottles. From Jaagermeister to redbull to Jameson whisky to Moet and wine.

Well, all the boys at the table could easily finish up one bottle on their own.

The night started simple, with some drinks, some shots. Chit chat and loads of snacks.
And then, people's faces started turning chilli red! haha. Except mine, which is sad. I never turn red! and people always assume I'm always sober -.-

After a few more rounds of shots and whisky, everyone was feeling the effects of alcohol kicking in.

Pooooooft, next thing I know Louis was in the pool already lol.

Then Darryl joined in.

Then Howie got in .

It started getting crazy in here. But nothing to worry as it was 2am and no one called in to complain, oh wait, that's the best part of having your own private villa I guess :D

Then Louis brought bottles of alcohol to the pool with him. Making each and everyone of us drink straight from the bottle. 

All of us started fooling around and posing for the camera.
The boys all showing off their 1-month in the gym barely there beach bod, while the two girls had to stay out of the water (such a bummer! *sad face*) and I'm the only one in with the boys.

A toast to a wonderful trip and great friendship!
Minus the crazy bitch in pink strappy top* lol to who that's able to see this.

Champagne faces. 

The water was seriously freezing, I couldn't even submerge my whole body in! Wonder how did the guys do it and they could keep going in and out of the pool, cray.

Posing for a nice picture, and then ...

My crazy friends lol.

Howie fell asleep and he seriously wasn't drunk haha.
Non of us were surprisingly, I guess the cold water from the pool woke most of us up.

Just one night of fun and I thought it deserved it's own post. So many pictures from just one night of fun! :p
Well spooky things did happen later on at night, I didn't see it first hand, but we had to stay up to accompany the younger ones. 

Nevertheless everyone eventually fell asleep and had a fresh start the next day.

More pictures soon!


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wow that's so fun! :D


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