Melaka ♡ One night only.

Headed down south to Melaka for one night only, what a spontaneous trip! Was having drinks and in that spur of the moment me and the boyfriend decided to join our buds who were heading there for a gig.
KL was getting a tad bit boring and we love road trips :D

Left Kuala Lumpur late afternoon and got there just in time for dinner.
Dined nearby our hotel, we stayed at Hatten again. Dinner was delicious! Especially the River Prawn Cheese Noodles but we were so hungry I didn't even take pictures of it. 

After dinner we rushed to the other end of Melaka to catch Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour documentary. It was quite epic. The dude next to me was acting like he was in a rave -.- felt like one but still? 

Finally checked in, changed, freshen up, then it was off to Mixx Club.

Annie, myself and Puiyee.

The very shy Howie G.

Jeehoe, myself, Annie and Puiyee.

The boyfriend and I.

After a few bottles of beer and Jaager shots..

We were all feeling it.
It always fun partying out of KL, no one knows you and you're in your comfy clothes and you can be all retarded if you want to haha.

kisses *

After a crazy night out, we left the club pretty much tipsy.
Headed for some good Asam Pedas fish nearby.

It's a must have for supper every time we're there!

Checked out late next morning, with a slight hangover and headed for some Chicken Rice Balls.

Then Jonker Street for some walking around.

We were lucky it wasn't a super hot humid day, in fact it got windy after a while.
It wasn't as packed as it would be which was great!

Had some local delicacies at one of the infamous shop on Jonker Street called Jonker 88.
The queue was mad we decided to just chill by the sides while we indulged in some Ice Kacang, Cendol and baby had some Curry Mee. 

So good!

I always love Melakan cuisine, must be that Baba Nyonya blood in me haha.

Can't wait to be back at Melaka!

Till then, xx.


Miera Nadhirah said…
looks like you all had a lot of fun.... nice pictures...
nice blog anyway.... by the way kalau sudi, tolong singgah blog saya juga

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