✈ Bali 2014 ♡ Dreamfields ✈

Early morning the four of us all headed to the airport with our fresh faces and our body half asleep.
Most of them only had about two hours of shut eye (night owl problems).

Damn, were we impressed with the new KLIA2.
It was really nice! And clean, and also spacious! But what makes it odd is that our budget airport looks way better than our main airport now #MalaysianMentality. 

As our flight took off, it started to pour, HEAVILY.
Ah, we were so glad to get out of this weather. It has been raining for weeks!

As we were approaching Bali's airport, I looked out and saw clear blue skies and beautiful deep blue waters. My heart inside skipped with joy, my vacation was gonna start anytime soon! 

We landed at the airport and took a cab to our hotel. We stayed at the Aston Ungasan Hotel and Convention Centre which is near GWK, where the event will be held at. It was way more convenient for us staying right beside GWK, especially if we want to avoid the massive jam after the event.

Cap from 18 Inspiration
Top from Topshop
Pants from Nimmue

Our hotel was on a hill so the view was majestic!
With the ocean just right infront of us, we were also surrounded by luscious greenery.

We could also here the soundchecks happening just next door! Haha.

Our room was pretty big and decent, totally affordable too!
It was new and clean which is a must. We needed a good night's sleep before we moved to our villa.

We headed out by foot to look for food (haha that was lame)

So we had lunch at a quaint little hut (also known as warung in Indonesia) which served local food such as ayam penyet and etc. then headed back to the hotel of some of them wanted to nap.

I had a little me time with a bottle of local beer, anthem of summer playing and a good book.

We headed to the pool before the sun set for some light tanning before getting ready for the rave.


The entrance was magnificent.
You have that sense of woah when you walk in with the cliff's split into two. It was just, breath taking and surreal. 

Traditional costumes greeting you at the entrance, it was a way smaller scale of what Tomorrowland might be I guess. So magical.

Drink coupons!

The stage was excellent!
Better than what we have back in Malaysia. In Malaysia it is always the same size or style. Only our laser lights get better with time. The only stage setup I would give credit for was the Godskitchen Boombox back in 2009 at Sepang haha.

It was a nice raving atmosphere, one big group of Malaysians together, celebrating music and life in a foreign land.

CM and Dorathy from Hong Kong but she's carrying the Malaysian flag when Malaysian DJs Goldfish + Blink was playing. Probably the loudest crowd and cheers with tons of Malaysian flags up in the air. Such a sight to be seen.

Howie and I.

Group picture with DJ Goldfish wooohoooo!

DJs that were spinning that night were Dash Berlin, Ummet Ozcan, Wildstylez, Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, Jochen Miller and more; although we kinda hanged at the main stage as it was packed!

It was humid though, I guess the location played a main part in that. It was windy and nice, even got really cold at times, but you can blame that on my clothing haha.

Anyways, what a night.

All of us went to the nearest convinient store to grab some cup noodles for supper and KO-ed the minute we jumped into bed. We raved from 8pm-3am it was crazy.

Till then!


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