Mat Zo ♡ Zouk 2014

Matan "Mat Zo" Zohar is a British electronic music producer, composer and DJ. Zohar released his debut album, Damage Control, on the Anjunabeats label.

So he was spinning at Zouk a couple of weeks back and we decided to check him out.

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams".
Zouk was crazily packed with people like me, who were deprived from live DJ sets (raves) and it's nice to have this going on once in a while.

With the usual bunch and friends that I bump into after we headed of to Velvet for a second round.
Surprisingly people find it hard to believe me when I tell them that I head to Zouk for a chilled night. I mean, what's so hard to believe? It's not like I enjoy getting wasted, or I am the type who drinks to her death. I enjoy the music being played, and the company I'm with haha. 

Chilled night it is :)

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Anonymous said…
Stephanie do you often wear Bikini?I really wish to have my body stay as slim and fit as you so that I can wear Bikini with self-confidence.
stephiielim said…
Hey there, I only wear them when I am going for a swim or chilling by the beach/pool getting my tan on haha! Ah I think every girl is beautiful naturally and if you need that confidence boost always eat healthy and workout :) You would feel better inside and out!
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for your reply:)As you joined in Miss Malaysia World last year~I wanna ask you a Q.that "It seemed the finalist candidates were given a choice whether to choose between one-piece or bikini to wear in the Swimsuit Press Presentation.Why did you choose Bikini over one piece?Did you feel shy when you were walking on the stage in Bikini and also many ppl especially
guys were looking at you??
stephiielim said…
Hi Anonymous, no worries :) I didn't had much choice of a one piece or two piece as I was late to the venue and was left with that as I am a size XS. It was awkward walking on stage of a hotel in a bathing suit so yes, I felt shy.

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