Birthday ♡ 2014

Omg, how can one forget about their own birthday?
Well, yep that's me. Guilty as charged!

I totally forgotten about this post and it was hiding in my drafts folder.
For those of you who are wondering how I celebrated my birthday, it was pretty simple I would say. Compared to the ones I had before. That's because I wasn't thrilled 'bout not being Forever 21 harhar. 

So surprisingly I had friends calling me and texting me closer to my birthday asking if I was throwing a party this year (I guess parties I organized have been pretty awesome ey, there's always something memorable every year) ; most of them felt odd that I was so quiet this year and I was also quite shocked that many remembered as I think with technology nowadays people refer to Facebook to remember dates. Hell, even my boyfriend and mom felt odd and got worried lol.

So in the end they forced me to call my friends up and I did so super last minute, like a day before? So I might've forgotten some of you (and I feel really bad! but I'm sure I've made it up to you already :p) cause it was such a rush but I appreciate all the wishes and etc.

My awesome circle :)
It's like a yearly gathering for everyone to meet up cause some of them get pretty busy with their own things that they don't get to hang out with each other so often like last time.

Dad took the picture above for us. He was 'testing' the new gadget he got for me. Haha it's so nice to be receiving presents at this age! I even got more than last years loot lol. Last year was all the way bottles of liquor. At least I got a new camera, loads of make up and other gifts this year. Thanks guys! I love 'em all.

In my heart I am still twenty one years old okay!

Anyways, as usual, for two years in a row now. Some of them would end up tipsy at 3am and wouldn't stop talking until 5am haha. What a sight to be seen at that hour.

Woke up the next day with ZERO hangover and headed out as early as possible as I wanted to make full use of my birthday weekend.

We headed to Pavilion for lunch at one of my favourite place as I love love love their Pork Bone Soup.

Yummy meal at Tonkatsu Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

After a day walking around and chilling we headed to Zenzero at St. Mary Residence for dinner!

My outfit of the night by River Island.

Oh who's that handsome boy :p

We were here before during Valentine's Day and thought of trying it out again as we loved the food the first time and we wanted to try the ala carte menu ever since. 

Two types of bread to start with.

Compliments from the Chef.

Dishes we ordered (from left to right) Wagyu Carpaccio, Mixture of Seafood with a warm seafood broth, Mushroom Ravioli. Picture below that is Smoke Duck on top of potatoes.
Of course, that's not the real names of the item but I definitely can't remember them now. 

It was a wonderful dinner and time well spent with the boyfriend.
And my tummy was very happy too!

After dinner got home, changed and headed for a night out!
The usual place with the same people. 

The boys are always in coordinated colours lol
And Puiyee brought a gift all the way back from Singapore for me. So sweet of her and Alvin.

I can now have Tom Ford on my eyes lol.
Loving the smoky eye palette eventhough I've not tried them on, until now. They're just too pretty!

Darryl, Manda, Mark and myself.

What I thought was just gonna be a simple night of good music and beers turned out to be...

A crazy one. But let's see if I end up drunk okay?
If you've been a loyal reader of this blog you would know that I've not gotten drunk on my birthday ever since my 16th Birthday. I really don't know if it's a curse or a blessing but it seems to be more of a blessing nowadays cause I hate hangovers. Can't seem to turn it around and it will linger on for hours and once, it lasted two days!

And then the party got started..

So much crazy!
Anyways I was still standing by the end of the night.
And thank you Carnage for spinning on my birthday for me, hahah I joke* it was a coincidence. Felt special anyways hahaha.

Sorry about the late posting, and I didn't my birthday post was that important.
I think I am going through my quarterlife crisis phase so bear with me hah.
Nevertheless I had a really good birthday, I actually had time to talk to people and sit down and chill and managed to join in on the fun.

Hopefully next year I won't be sucha aunty about it haha.

Till then!


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