Centro W Salon at The Gardens.

I was in a dire need of a hair make over and my hair can be quite tricky to deal with. Because of this, I need people with excellent hair expertise to advice me on the best ways to fix it. As you can see in the picture below, my hair is a mess of colours and it was so frizzy!

The roots of my hair was a mix of purple and black, with grey roots popping out. The middle part is a deep black/purple and the ends were brown. This is what happens when you decide to bleach your hair to a shade of blonde and decided to you wanted to go back to something darker. I couldn't stand it anymore and I needed it back to normal. 

Visited Centro W Salon at the Gardens as I have been hearing a lot about it recently. The first Centro Hair Saloon opened in 2002 at Sungai Wang and is now synonymous in the industry. They have then expanded into 3 separate salons. 

They offer a huge range of hair services from colouring, treatments, your usual hair cuts and so on. As soon as you walk in this plush salon you will be greeted by highly qualified staffs who will seat you and then examine your hair.

Founded by Kevin Woo, CENTRO promises a world-class Style with an Asian Soul. CENTRO is committed to delivering a new standard of affordable luxury in the hair industry without compromising its quality. With over 10 years of combined experience, they continue to listen to and satisfy our clients with superior skills.

After a session of examining my hair by stylist Celine Yap, who made it clear that my hair is pretty much damaged now and lacked the luster it once had. I was advice to get a trim while a few sessions of colouring will be done to 'wash out' or fade out the dark purple in the middle section of my hair to make it more balanced before a ash brown colour is applied on top of everything because jet black would make my features look very flat and boring haha and the current red undertone makes me look quite odd.

Founder Kevin Woo received the much coveted L'Oreal Color Trophy hence the products used in Centro are all L'Oreal based. I got to try out the FUSIO-DOSE
CONCENTRÉ PIXELIST. It's a shine treatment for a radiant color. The radiance of the color is boosted. Hair is then soft and shiny cause your hair will be fundamentally treated and instantly transformed. 

Are you ready to see the after?

I was so shocked to see how Celine and Sher, transformed my hair.
At first I didn't think there was so much to be fixed till I saw the after. How did I let my hair grow out that way and live with it. My hair that was obviously out of shape (the cutting) for so long! Okay 6 months to be precise since my last cut but still. I've only noticed the colour which I thought wasn't so bad till I saw the picture of the back on the day itself. 

Ah, I was really happy cause the major part was the colouring. It is very hard to remove dark colours (take note ladies!) and very tricky to also balance out the whole colour. I was so pleased and thankful! Cause I've been to a few places to seek advice and usually everyone would tell me the same thing that, 1# I have to stick to super dark colours to hide my grey hair, 2# it will take a lot of bleaching to get the colour out from the middle section. Well it did take a few session but not as much as I was told from others. & my hair colour is now a warmer shade of brown, not so much of a red undertone! 

CENTRO is the first in Malaysia to introduce a customer’s satisfaction guarantee programme, vowing to provide a free retouch within 7 days for haircuts, coloring, perming and rebonding should these services fall short of customer expectations. 

What a major yay!

Other than that, they gave me a home kit for maintenance.

It is easy to see why CENTRO Hair Salon is the city’s go-to name in luxury hairdressing.

Check them out at :

F235B 1st Floor The Gardens Mall
 • T:+603 22877330 
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm

Lot 401M 4th Floor Suria KLCC 
• T: +603-2161 6330 
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

For more info :

Till then!


Anonymous said…
Hi, May i know the exact color that you dyed? Is that ash brown? Thanks!

stephiielim said…
Hey there, I'm not too sure of my colour as my stylist mixed one up to suit my hair condition. You could always use my picture and show them when you're at their salon :) Look for Celine or Jessica and mention my name :)

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