✈ Dubai ♡ pt. III ✈

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We woke up early in the morning, Dubai time zone (thank god for that) for another day of sight seeing. There's just so much to see at the United Arab Emirates that one should never waste a day sleeping in!

Put on something modest that covers my knees and shoulders adhering to the dresscode as I do not want to end up with a warning card! :p

Checked out a few mosques, hotels and etc with amazing architecture. 
Loving how the sky was in a lovely shade of calm blue and the sun is sunny but not piping hot.

It was a beautiful day indeed.

We then proceeded to the beach beside the Burj al Arab, the worlds only six star hotel

and on the same area is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Facing the beach of course.

You're not supposed to wear speedos actually, but yeah not many people were adhering to the rules when they're on the beach. I find it tough to understand why visitors of a country can't respect peoples rules at times.

It's like, when you have guests at your house would you like them throwing your stuff around, taking stuff out the fridge without permission etc? Okay, maybe not the best metaphor but you get what I'm saying.

Erin and I enjoying the wonderful weather.
It's all sunny but windy as well. Apparently December was a great time to visit Dubai as it gets really humid/hot mid-year.

Finally at The Alantis hotel.
While entering the premises we were just wowed by the ginormous size of everything. 
From the main building to the landscape, it was hugeeee.

Just me and the hotel heh.

Erin and her must do thing whenever we're on holiday and she sees this around.
I call it the penny cruncher! haha. Cause you put a coin in and it just flattens it. Like flat. 
Okay they don't squish your coin nowadays as it costs way more now than before but yeah you get the drift. 

So off we went exploring the hotel but because we weren't staying at the hotel, we couldn't really explore much. Though we did get a peek of the beach, there wasn't much to shout about unless you're staying there of course.

Just me and some steps, and Erin with a huge fish tank.

So we left not long after as it was packed with tourist and there wasn't much to do.

We then headed back to the city.

Dubai and its skyscrapers.

So we headed to the Mall of the Emirates for lunch and some shopping.

I prefer the Dubai Mall than this though.
Although it was less packed here.

Everything in Dubai is over-extravagant, which is nice to look at haha.

Headed home to change before we headed out to the desert!

Dubai is pretty sandy (not referring to the pic above as I was already at the desert) but even on the streets of the city, there's sand mostly anywhere but of course not up to that ratio of the picture above.

We sat in 4WDs and headed out to the unknown.

It was one hellaluvah ride as the sand dunes were steep and bumpy, it was like a mini rollercoaster/bumper car ride. 

It was such a pretty sight watching the sun set over the horizon of sandy dunes. I felt like I was in an Arabian night hahah.

We finally reached the camp site where we will be having our dinner while watching performances. While we get to enjoy the activities the campsite had to offer.

While waiting for people to settle down, Erin and I went for the camel ride.

I was too afraid of the camel, I honestly don't even know why. Hence, my picture was really silly as I was standing so far away from it, so here's a picture of Erin and the camel we sat on haha.

After the ride we got henna tattoos done!

And Erin carried a predator bird (so sorry, I forgot what are they called).

While I went for some Shisha.

Authentic shisha all the way in Dubai! weee.

And we chilled by the camp fire for a bit as it got slightly colder after night fall.

Soon after, performers started performing unique acts showcasing their dancing skills like this guy who wears this heavy dress and starts spinning.

Reminds me of that turkish dance/prayer where a group of men starts twirling around for minutes.

It's pretty cool as he could spin so fast, non stop for a good whole quarter of an hour.

Erin and our friendly driver for the day. He was hilarious!
He made the experience so much more wonderful, really!

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