Jane Kønig | Jewelry Design ♡

What came in my mailbox this week :

Jane Kønig graduated from the Danish Design Academy as a clothing designer with accessories as an important part of her expression. Since then, she has been designing jewelry and accessories and is now working full time as a goldsmith.

Jane Kønig has exhibited her work at solo exhibitions in Øksnehallen and at The National Museum of Denmark and at group exhibitions in Hyperhall at Øksnehallen, at the spring exhibition in Charlottenborg among mane other places. Her jewelry designs have also been utilized in fashion shows and have been displayed in numerous magazines and newspapers throughout the world.

I was so excited when I came across Jane's accesories as they're something different and there was that extra edge torwards each of the pieces you can find on www.JaneKoenig.com/

Little black boxes.
So excited to open these boxes, they're finally here! 

I always have a problem finding simple classy bracelets/cuffs that would fit my wrist as I have a very bony wrist but I fell in love with these designs the first time I laid eyes on them.

It's not a blurry picture, my camera's depth of field is just pretty strong haha.
I love the bracelets I chose! No regrets as it fits my wrist perfectly. It's not round but more of an oval shape which helps it to fit on the wrist so well.

 photo JK_zps2c80e0aa.jpg

Check out the pieces I chose :

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