KINI SWIMWEAR - customize your own swimwear!

So I stumbled on this site a couple weeks back and was intrigued the minuted I started browsing.
Kini Swimwear allows you to customize your own swimwear. How cool is that?!

Founders Em and Elle understand the fact that it was tough for us girls to find our perfect bikini as every one has a different body shape, taste, and style. After returning from a shopping trip they had this great idea of creating this whole new platform that would allow customers to design their own swimwear! has a user friendly interface which expands to a swimwear design tool that allows you to select the sizes, style of your swimwear from bikini, tankini, etc and even up to the colours, prints and embellishment that you prefer!

I felt like I found bikini heaven! For once, I would have a bikini designed by me that I could wear. No more headache or frustration of wanting a specific styled top to match with a separate bottom. I can have it all in one.

I'll even show you how much fun and easy it is!

1# Select a style.
- It can be a Bikini, Tankini or a one piece. It will then show you more choices. For example, I chose bikini so I am able to select a top and bottom to go with. My choices were an underwire top and highwaist bottom.

2#  Customize
- Here, select your sizes on the top bar. As you can see my selection, Top Size 6, Cup Size etc. Then, on the left bar, select embellishments to go with; from the type of straps you want to frills and fold overs for the bottom.

3# Prints and Color
- On the right bar, select your prints and color by clicking on the section of your swimwear and then clicking on the color or print of your choice.

4# Checkout!
- After you're done customizing your swimwear click on 'Finished! Go to checkout' and you're done!
Now just key in your details and payment method and wait for your very own customized bikini.

After about a week, I received  a parcel. I was so excited as I read the info on the parcel. It was my parcel from Kini Swimwear!

Couldn't wait to tear it open and see what's inside but the packaging was pretty solid so I opened it like a lady hahah.

Tadaaaa! How cute, it came in a handy beach bag. Now I can not only store my bikini separately but I can also use this bag when I am heading for a swim or even a tan. But look at that! My very own creation! How cool is that?!

It's exactly like what I designed. So pretty!

Oh and very lovely hand written note from Em & Elle.
Major thanks to Elle who provided great customer service all the way. From advising me on the style of the bikini to the prints and about the shipping. 

I am also loving the details in the making of this bikini.

The clasp were solid and hardy. You know that it will last long with proper and good care.
and also a lot of love? :p

So if you've been looking for that perfect swimwear or if you hate staring at so many different selections at the mall and just wished you could design your own, well here's your chance!
Head on over to

Check it out :

Kini Swimwear


LauraLeia said…
This sounds awesome! I like the idea of being able to customize it, because not everybody has the same body shape/type, and tops and bottoms aren't always the same size. Too bad it's a lil pricey though :P
stephiielim said…
Hi Lauraleia,

It is! and you're absolutely right. That's the whole aim of Kini Swimwear. To fit every body type and style. Yes it might be a bit pricey but trust me, it's definitely worth every penny! You'll get awesome feedback about your unique bikini/swimsuit which fits perfectly for you :D do let me know if you decided on buying one of them.
stephiielim said…
Hi Jas,

It's a lovely piece :)

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