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Dress from Lovey Dovey Fashion.

So it was one crazy cold windy night in Melbourne.
Seriously winter in Melbourne can be a tad bit unbearable, and no I am not kidding. 

The buddies Seewai and Joyee just flew in that particular day and so we brought them to Squires Loft at Docklands for some yummy dinner!

After a good piece of steak and running in the crazy wind we headed home for some pre-drinks (we're actually trying to stay warm hah!) and got changed before a night out.

Well I bet you could see from the change of facial expressions that it was going from sober to slightly tipsy to very tipsy haha.

A very mini highschool reunion was held that night, which was cool cause I hardly see anyone from my highschool except Seewai and occasionally Wendy. So it was nice to have Ri Hao joining us this time round. 

Guys in onesie's, how cute hahaha. With Yew Hann and Yoon Wei.

and look who I met all the way in Melbourne now, Yeehui and Ivy (below).

It was one crazy night, I think all of us was looking for supper then after, thinking that there will be some mamak at some corner nearby till we realised that the only thing probably open was McDs.

Thank god for leggings cause the weather was driving me insane. 

The next day was spent with the sister. Walking around the city, getting her things that she needs.
After a whole day of walking and exploring we had some tapas at MoVida Next Door. I love coming here for a simple dinner as it's cosy, casual and everything always taste so good.

Oysters to start with, Too bad Erin doesn't eats oysters. So two for me!

I like that they have daily specials, which means more dishes than what is shown on the menu and this scallops treat was just perfect! Big, juicy and delicious.

Pork Belly.
It's like a very good piece of siew yok, but the difference is that the sauce elevated the taste of the dish. Yums!

Mussels and snapper.
The broth. Oh the broth was so good. I think there were bacon bits were like the cherry on top something awesome.

Next was the duck confit. Tender, juicy and everything I've been looking for back in KL since The Apartment took it off their menu. And the glaze, OH SO DELICIOUS!

Erin, very happy with her scallops.

After a very satisfying meal at MoVida we headed to San Churros for dessert.

After that, it was second round of dinner session at Joomak!
Oh god, all I do in Melbourne is eat, drink and explore lol.

After dinner, we checked out the State Library of Victoria. And after so many times of visiting Melbourne, this is the first time I've been inside!

And it is actually pretty damn gorgeous!
So we hung out in the library for a bit as we didn't know where to go and it was really cold outside.

We headed to a Taiwanese dessert shop and then to Siglo's for some Creme Brulee and wine.
No pictures cause Siglo seemed very quaint and it is dark, I didn't want my flash flaring up other customers faces and look all jakun.

The night after was the weekend's and spent it at Studio 3 at Crown for an event.

With my pretty friends, having a damn good time!
Damn, I always feel over dressed, should've brought some fancy flats which I could dance my night away in. 

More to come! 
Stay tune ;)


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