#OOTD : all black & a bun

#fashion edits

Just a casual weekend.

Top from Sportsgirl
Skirt from Miss Selfridge
Bag from Prada
Accessories from H&M, New Look and Louis Vuitton


C said…
My wardrobe is mostly all monochrome and I'm lovin' this outfit of yours! Your necklaces are my fav!
stephiielim said…
Hey C,

Mine too! haha probably cause it's easier to match things. Aww thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Stephanie~before you competed in Miss World Malaysia last year,had you ever had any experience of joining such sexy girl like Miss FHM Malaysia.If so,how were those two competitions different.In My personnal attitude,Miss World Malaysia Competition looks more elegant and precious.Moreover winning the crown is much more honourable whereas FHM Malaysia Contest is likely beyond comparison mainly because FHM has never had its candidate do any activities that benefit the society at all.Instead its competition is held annually only to satisfy guys'preference as the main target audience and also emphasizes too much on women's body exposure ex.candidates are told to do many sexually seductivev activities like sizzling in bikini with their sexy posing photoshoot in order to attract the opposite gender as much as they possibly could. What do you think about that??
stephiielim said…
Hi Anonymous,

If you've read my About Us page you would know that I did join both competitions.

My thoughts on both pageants are about the same. Yes you definitely participate more on charitable events for MWM but all in all, it's who the contestants are (as in their personality) isn't it? A girl who hates charity and doesn't bother giving back to society could easily join MWM if she had a pretty face and the height, whereas a girl who loves charity and etc could also join FHM if she wanted a different kind of exposure.

I understand that these two pageants have their own purpose. But it actually comes down to the contestants and what they want out of joining all the different types of pageants. MWM to me was much more tougher as it's pretty strict, to the point of diet and time management while FHM was more relaxed. FHM is more outgoing and fun while MWM is more controlled and etc. In the end of the day, nobody is ordered or forced to do any 'seductive sexual activity' if they do not wish to, they can join that pageant and be all sweet and still can win. And I don't see anything wrong with a lady wanting to flaunt her body in a photoshoot or runway. During the MWM finale night, we had to walk in our bikinis on stage, for actually TWO NIGHTS. Nothing demure or classy about it when some of the audience was wolf whistling as the girls on stage was some piece of meat making it look like some cheap show. I myself felt degraded during that session and that's why I opted for a sash to tie around my waist. Where else we didn't have to parade around in our bikinis on a runway and during the photoshoot it was up to us to pose/show as much as we want or could.

But it then comes back to this, whatever pageants you join, you should know what you're in for. FHM stands for For Him Only Magazine obviously it has to do with being comfortable in your own skin and sexuality, while MWM is a world renowned pageant that sends national candidate to compete in the world pageant. But that doesnt mean one is worst than the other, these pageants just fall into different categories that's all.
Claire said…
Awesome shots :) I think you must share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)

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