✈ Abu Dhabi 2013 ♡ O1NE Club, Yas Island, Al Raha beach ✈

For the last leg of our trip to the United Arab Emirates, we took a trip to Abu Dhabi which was a 3 hours drive from Dubai. We honestly didn't know what to expect as we weren't prepared for that as it was spontaneously thought of. And I'm happy we did! Cause I wouldn't know when will be the next I'll be back to the UAE. 

We checked in to the Al Raha beach hotel which had a stunning view of the unique Aldar building and also of Ferrari World on Yas Island. It was pretty cool when you walked out to the balcony and have these all facing you. 

A little tour of the comfy, quaint bed room. 
The bathroom was huge and the tub was lovely! The round window switches from a misty frosted window to a clear one with a switch of a button. While the bedroom was very nicely decorated with the usual amenities of a safety box, kettle, sofa, study table, stationery, etc. 

One more look of the view from the room of Yas Island and the Ferrari world. 
Pictures cannot do justice for the wow moment standing there on the balcony of our room.

On another note, I was really happy with the service and everything about the Al Raha beach hotel.
The staffs were friendly and very helpful, plus the hotel was in between Abu Dhabi town and Yas Island making it quite convenient to get around.

So we headed out to the patio of Al Raha for lunch.
It was one of the most beautiful serene places I've dined before.

You get a mixture a city and beach scene all in one.
Lunch was superb, with a mixture of western and Mediterranean food.

After a wonderful lunch we took a stroll on the beach.

We didn't swim in the ocean cause the water was freezing cold but we went up and changed into our bathing suits for a dip in the pool. Thankfully, they had a semi-heated pool, I said semi cause it wasn't very warm, it was still a bit chilly. 

Had a nice time lounging by the pool till dusk and headed up to the room for a quick change before dinner. 

The view in the evening was even better. 
The Aldar building so amazing that when I posted this picture, people thought it was a postcard or something! 

It actually looked like a moon, and it was so pretty cause it was reflecting the sunset that it actually looked like you're looking through its circle.

We had a simple dinner at the mall beside the hotel, bought some wine back up to drink at the parentals room while music below was playing good old fashion tunes. After that we headed over to Yas Island for a night out!

The queue was massive and we felt a little underdressed as fleets of limos pulled up infront of the club and gorgeous people were everywhere! 

There's a strict dresscode and ratio for entering this club so make sure you have everything ready if you decide to party in Abu Dhabi. There should be a 1:1 guy to girl ratio but groups of girls can enter fine. There's no cover charge but they do take table reservations.

The whole interior of the club is made up of a huge LED screen taking you to different states in the world. One minute it's showing you Tokyo and the next could be the Opera House in Sydney. The DJ console is at least 2 floors up, so you'll definitely get a good view of who's spinning that night for sure.

The next day, which is also our last day there, we checked out after breakfast and headed over to the mall next door for brunch. We had a sumptuous Indian cuisine brunch. It was so yummy!

Then we had a little around Abu Dhabi city.
Like its neighboring state, Abu Dhabi is filled with magnificent Skyscrapers and fast cars.

Everything was really shiny and tall it took my breath away, but what really blew my mind was this majestic mosque. It was huge! 
And it was full white. So pretty!

You really have to see it in person to know how gorgeous this place is. 
Not only Abu Dhabi, but also Dubai. 

They're probably one of the best cities I've been to. 

After a quick tour of the city, we headed back to Dubai to catch our flight back to Malaysia.
A week in the UAE was certainly not enough for me, although a few people I've talked to said it was more than enough for them but everything is so huge here in the UAE that I didn't even get to finish the Dubai Mall and also the Mall of the Emirates. I'll definitely be back one day and I hope that you guys would make a trip there soon!

Till then, x.

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