✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ good coffee, Scarlett & Nobu ✈

It was a tad bit gloomy in Melbourne this particular morning.
Doesn't help when it's actually winter and we dying from the cold winds already. Getting out of bed was an extra chore on this day.

Nevertheless we finally did as we didn't want to waste a day exploring Melbourne city!

Alley way pictures are always cool in Melbourne haha. 
Wanted to bring the tourist to Hardware Societe on Hardware Lane but we were a tad bit late so we had something else on Hardware Lane.

After our late lunch we headed across the street to Brother Baba Budan for some coffee (for them) and hot chocolate (for me).

Very cosy interiors and aromatic fragrant coffee.
Eventhough I don't drink coffee, I enjoyed my hot choco in this cold rainy weather.

After that we walked towards Elizabeth Street and checked out Myers on Bourke.

After some fooling around in the shopping mall. Well we were actually looking for things to furnish Erin's place. TVs, stereo systems, etc but friends were saying that we should check out that Hi-Fi place for better deals so we skipped out on purchasing anything from Myers just yet.

We went grocery shopping and cooked a homely meal back at Erin's place. Roast chicken with seasonal vege and some side dishes.

After a hearty meal we changed and got ready for the night.
Headed to Scarlett Saturdays at Ms Collins for a girls night out!

Charmaine and I.

I loveeee Scarlett! It's big and pretty.
Loving the high ceiling and DJ console.

Joshua, Eva T and myself.

Erin and I.

Erin, Seewai and myself.

After a fun night out and efforts to get slightly tipsy failed we headed home for supper!
It was kebab time! Even though there's no mamaks or food stalls late night you can still find some kebab joints. And I had my first kebab ever, like almost the same time last year. And now I'm back again at the same stall for some yummy supper haha.

We became friends with the kebab guy thanks to my oh so friendly girlfriend who fell right infront of the shop and required some TLC to her knees haha.

The view of Crown/Melbourne at 4am gave me a breath of fresh air. I couldnt and wouldn't walk on the streets of KL at 4am haha.

The next day, I brought the little sister to Nobu for lunch!

One of my must-try's at Nobu!
Erin doesn't eats oysters but I forced her to try one and she liked it.

She ordered some stir-fry noodles and I had the bento set as I'm a light eater during lunch and a full course would only make me sleepy and tired the whole day hahaha. I still had my black miso cod so it's all good :)

Then we took a stroll to Federation Square where with met up with the girlfriends.

The weather was way better that day and lovely too.
Explored the Acmi centre before heading for dinner.

Will continue more stories about Melbourne soon.
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Till then!


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