Dal Komm, music cafe ♡

There's a new coffee joint in town! And the best part is, they serve ice cold desserts too! Checked out Dal Komm Coffee at their Uptown, Damansara branch recently and got to try out a few of their famous desserts while enjoying the ambience and how it's not only a cafe but they have successfully merged music and coffee together. 

Now you can sit back and enjoy a cuppa while listening to your favourite music playing or even enjoy live bands from time to time!

Dal Komm means sweet in Korean and this cafe is more than just serving up some sweet sweet indulgence but it has a very cozy interior with it's pop modern deco and the whole music cafe concept going on with iPads and Sennheiser headsets for customers to enjoy music through KKBOX.

You can obviously spot me behind the banner right?

Well, this is only part of what they have serving up at DalKomm!
These cute cups which is made of shaved ice, fruits, and sometimes you might even get a mini tart to top it off -- are one of their many sweet desserts.

DalKomm serves Korean desserts like Bingsu's and Honey Bread, and also has many other signature special drinks other than coffee. 

We tried a few things off the menu :

From left to right clockwise :

We tried the Apple Crumble Bingsu (RM15.90). Mix it well and it tastes delicious! 

The Choco Lava Bingsu (RM18.90) is another delicious favourite as it looks like chocolate shaved ice but taste like chocolate cake! The difference of this and the rest is that you have to eat it layer by layer to fully indulge in this chocolate haven.

The Lemon Dazzling Bingsu (RM18.90) which was my favourite as it is very refreshing! Topped with a lemon tart and slices, what's not to love? 

Their Orange Choco Cube (RM13.50) is their best seller! Isn't that hard to imagine especially when you get a cup of hot milk and a cute orange chocolate cube which melts when you put it in that hot cup of milk, stir and enjoy your drink!

From left to right clockwise :

A few drinks we tried was the Honey Coffee Cube (RM13.50) and ice cold Latte, the Strawberry Cube  (picture below it) which is their signature drinks which retails for RM14.50, equally yummy and delicious!
Other than that we also had the Citron Mojito (RM12) a fresh punch of citrus minus the alcohol! 

From left to right clockwise :

Honey Grapefruit (RM14.50) which is another one of their yummy signature drink. 

A very sinful treat was the Cheese Benedict (RM15) which is a slice of thick toast topped with gooey cheese. But what, there's a surprise! Right smack in the middle is an egg that when you slice through out comes this beautiful egg yolk.

The usual traditional Latte (RM10.50)

There's three types of coffee strengths :
K1 - Well balanced, sweet and nutty (smooth with a clean, well-balanced flavor)
K2 - Sweet, citrus and creamy body (A fusion of sweet and soft citrus with creamy body)
K3 - Flowery, fruity and strong body (full-bodied premium blend with a lingering aftertaste)

Coffee for everyone!

Last but not least, the very beautifully arranged Strawberry Honey Toast (RM16) is another yummy treat! With slices of strawberries on a thick yummy toast, drizzled with strawberry sauce and a spoon of ice cream. Total yumyums in my tumtums!

We laughed, talked and caught up over tasty desserts and unique drinks while taking in this cool, modern Soundblending concept - which is, playing of songs that matches the time or mood of the day.


There will also be Live Performances from time to time as the space transforms into a stage which is also known as VerandaLive. Since there wasn't a band that day, Careen, myself and Karen took the stage and belted out some tunes!

Haha I am kidding. But there is instruments there such as the guitar in the picture which customers are allowed to use for their own purpose such as song writing and etc.

So head on over and check out Dal Komm Cafe at these places :

Damansara Utama (Uptown)
NO: 61, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
Sun-Thur: 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-12am

D'Pulze Shopping Centre (Cyberjaya)
Lot: UG-18
Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

What are you guys waiting for? Check out Dal Komm now! More info at the links below :


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