Halloween 2014 ♡ Vinai at Zouk Club KL

This is too epic I had to get it up before it really gets outdated hah.

So we followed Zouk's timing which was a day after Halloween, and it was pretty awkward at first as the people who do knows Halloween has celebrated the night before.

Introducing Naughty Snow White, Deathly Nun, The Sheikh, DJ Pink Panter and The Wrestler haha.

We were a group of mixed get ups from cartoon characters to I don't even know how to classify the Sheikh haha.

Even Darryl had eyeliner on hah!

DJs in cartoon costume!
Can you guess who are they?

So the special guest for the night was Vinai.
If you don't know who they are, go YouTube them. You definitely heard their remixes or tracks somewhere.

They're both about my age!
Would've been cooler if they dressed up too haha.

College classmates!
Ian, Aaron and myself.

And the kid Bryan came over to join in on our fun.

The group missing 3 peeps.
2 overseas and one always MIA.

With the shorty.

Manda, Eekie, myself and eyeliner Darryl.
My costume came apart (willingly) every minute that passed. It was so hot! Long sleeves, long skirt, headband. Ohmaigod. I think I ended up looking like a naughty nun with ghostly makeup #fail. If people thought I always have on heavy make up, well. This is how I look with heavy makeup with grey blusher. Skin flawless, eyes super big, 3 layers of foundation can really cover everything up eh haha.

A very lost murderer on the right!

One more for the album!

Vinai and myself.
They probably thought I was weird.

And then most of us decided to take of our outfits. It was too hot!

And boy did it just get rowdier, in a fun way of course.
As it was just us friends now, no more squishing with people in our costumes haha.

After a cray cray night and countless failed attempts of a group picture.
here's one, with half of the group. 
And tons of mismatched outfits lol.

Fun night indeed!
If I do dress up with very little cloth on it ain't my fault. I don't understand how am I gonna survive if I can't even wear a robe a whole night haha.

Till then!



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