Lust Limited ♡

Lust Limited is a contemporary design company that produces unique jewelry and accessories that bridge the gap between sophistication and simplicity. 

Contemporary unique designs are all the rage now and I was ecstatic when I was browsing through Lust Limited range of items! 
What's better when they've just launched their latest collection which has a different span of arm candy! The other thing which caught my attention was the pairing of metals and silicone into their design. Not only that, you get to choose the sizing for most of the items, perfect if you have a slightly bigger or thinner wrist!

Other than that, I like how it is classy but also very durable due to the material used. 

Loving how it's very edgy but still very classy. It doesn't over power my look but instead emphasizes it more. Here I am wearing the Embossed Netted Bracelet and Event Bracelet.

I like how the Event Bracelet resembles a tag you would get a rave or a concert and I could wear it without getting weird stares from my friends like how I was still wearing my Stereosonic tag when I got back. A great gift idea for friends who loves attending raves or concerts and that hates to cut their tags off :D While the Embossed Netted Bracelet exudes a more subdued class, which goes well with all my outfits and it's definitely something I would love to have on daily!

Lust Limited's Embossed Netted Bracelet upclose.

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