✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ Draculas, Top Paddock, Cumulus Inc. ✈

Hey guys!
Another Melbourne post, a continuation from HERE.

So we went to the suburbs for a wonderful brunch at Top Paddock.

Look at the foooood!
Aren't they looking oh so delicious? Everything is freshly made and only the freshest ingredients are used. I'm always so impressed with the quality of food you can find here in Melbourne. It certainly does wet your appetite. 

Us with our happy meals!
We had a wonderful brunch over warm coffee and fresh juices before we headed over to Chapel St. for some shopping.

Hat, Cardi and Maxi dress from H&M.
Necklace from Aldo
Shoes from Nike.

It's so fun that I get to wear layers of clothes without breaking a sweat. Eventhough it's winter and it's cold as hell but I could walk out in this as I probably had two or three layers underneath haha. My hair looks slightly ombre-ish as it was bleached before and the ends were growing out. 

So we took a stroll around the suburbs all the way to Chapel St. for some shopping but stopping by places for photos! Haha. 
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Finally at Chapel St. I got to purchase some shoes from my favourite Australian shoe designer/brand Tony Bianco!
Thankfully the branch at Chapel St. had shoes in my size. Was so tough getting sizes back in the CBD.

So it was one shopping bag at first, and the minute the sun went down and May joined us..

I ended up with more! Haha. (obviously that's not all mine :p)

Happy with my loot of 4 pairs of shoes, tops, and dresses!
After so much walking and carrying, we settled down at a quaint little bar/pub nearby for pizzas and drinks.

The weather definitely dipped a lot!
It was freezing by the time we took a cab.

Had an early night as we had a long day exploring the next!
More like being the tour guide to everyone, even Erin lol.

So we took the tram almost till Parliament St. before we decided to walk and enjoy the weather as it wasn't so cold on that day. 

Brought the sister for lunch at Cumulus Inc. on Flinders Lane.
My other favourite place in Melbourne!

Lazy hair day, tied our tresses up. Ended up looking slick and proper as if we were dressing up for lunch like the locals haha.

So I ordered 6 different types of oysters to sample.
Had Fine de Claire to Irish Premium and some rare ones which cost a bomb. Definitely the pricier ones were better tasting. However, I specifically like creamy salty ones. I find them very smooth and that burst of salt, woah. Love it!

I'm a greeeeedy monster! 
It's all for me!

Then we had the Octopus and Wagyu Bersoala. All these were on the appetizers list by the way.

The octopus was okay, sauce was a tad bit sour for me but that's just my personal tastebud. Nothing wrong with the dish overall. Wagyu Bersaola was awesome, as how I remembered it. Already three dishes in and I was very happy and high on food/wine.

For our main which we decided to share as we were planning to go to another restaurant for food.
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Mussels, Scallops and fish. I totally forgotten what was this dish called but it was not bad. Simple but the thing is I'm amazed with the freshness of the seafood! Everything is freshly made, fresh in the kitchen, fresh fresh fresh. None of that frozen, day old smell if you know what I mean.

After a satisfying lunch we decided to walk across over to Parliament St.
All for the sake of pretty pictures!
And also cause it was a sunny day :D

Looking like a tiny speckle most of the times with these colossal buildings at the background.
So huge and pretty! Very well maintained too.

After a few silly moments we headed to Father's Office which is located in QV above iDarts/San Churros.

First time being there and I find it way better than Asian Beer Garden (used to be called Cho Gao).

No idea why hasn't anyone brought me there ever.
Had a few pints of some yummy goodness before taking a stroll home to get prepped for dinner!

Was super excited as we're heading to my favourite playground.

Since it's a weekday, the queue wasn't that long. 
Which is great as I do not want to queue in the cold chilly weather wearing this!

Still very happy about the fact that I can wear my purple poofy skirt!

Top from Topshop
Skirt from Bangkok
Shoes from Lipstik

Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but we did have a jolly good time.
A definite must-go place if you're in Melbourne or Gold Coast! You'll have a blast and bring a group of people with you!

Till then, click on Melbourne if you would like to read more about my trips down under.



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