#OOTD : Dark Art Clothing ♡

Recently came across a brand all the way from Europe.
Dark Art Clothing.

I was at first attracted to their simplicity in design, you can never go wrong with monochromes.
The website is clean, simple and very user friendly.

With a specially curated selection of garments, there's definitely something for both sexes.

Dark Art is a high-end clothing brand with unique, innovative and sophisticated garments made with attention to detail and fit. Dark Art is a form of 'art' with challenging designs which entice people like myself and those out there to push the boundaries of fashion.

The 'Not For Everyone' part is targeted to a privileged minority that recognizes that they have a particular style or fashion that is rejected by the majority of society.

Here's my #OOTD :

Top from Dark Art Clothing
Leggings from Zara
Shoes from Nike
Bag from Givenchy

So what are you waiting for? Find your inner darkness and express it in the form of art.

Check them out at :


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