✈ #OOTD(N) : Melbourne 2014 (EOTY) ♡ Nobu & Privileged Shoes ✈

First and foremost EOTY up in the title stands for End Of The Year as I don't want to confuse my dear readers of times I was in Melbourne, as one was during winter and one was the most recent, which is in summer or else people would be thinking, "How the hell does she braves the weather in short skirts and tank tops in winter?! Is she crazy". Haha, I'm not saying that everyone would think that way, just my perception if I was reading someones blog and that person is dressing up like that for winter! Lol.

Anyways, on the last night of my trip there we headed to Nobu (where else! haha) for dinner.

Rocking my violet lips from Illamasqua.
Loving the shade of violet for this time of the year and I love how dark lip shades brings out my features more.

So before I get started with this post, here's a few recap of my dining experiences in Nobu.
Click HERE and HERE.

So I won't be talking about it much, but just to share with you the dishes we ordered this time round. You might have seen some of them before.

Started off with fresh raw sliced fish.
I seriously cannot remember what fish is this but I do remember that it's drizzled with ponzu sauce and topped with jalapeno peppers.

Oyster Trio.
Was my favourite, always ordered them whenever I dined at Nobu but this round was a let down!
Tiny shards of oyster shells were found while devouring the oysters. It's like listening to jazz music and someone decides to bang the gong all of a sudden. 

Salmon sashimi and Sweet Scampi.
This was something different. The salmon was fresh but nothing much to shout about when the scampi was just, oh so awesome! Sweet, juicy and tender I am salivating while writing this.

Rice cakes with Tuna Tartare.
Nothing much. The rice cakes kinda degraded the freshness of the tartare.

Seared Tuna with season vegs.
Love the fish, but so much greens. Aren't I halfway through my meal for salad?

We actually had five more course to go but my friends were a wee bit let down by the dishes that were coming out so we cut it off by this one last dish.

Lamb cutlets.
Grilled to perfection, juicy, tender, nuff' said.

And as almost what all asians do..

Pictures before dinner lol.
While everyone else just stares. 

Anyhoo's my Outfit Of The Night :

Top from Sportsgirl AU
Skirt from a shop in Bangsar
Heels from Privileged Shoes

You can check out my heels and others here:

Till then, x!


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