Privileged Shoes ♡ unique, stylish and always on the edge.

I'm so obssessed with this new site I found selling... SHOES!
I have a thing for shoes, and shoes are like the key pieces in an outfit to me. 

So I stumbled upon this shoe haven called Privileged Shoes by JC Dossier.

"Privileged is the creation of Jennifer Chou. One day she took a look at the women’s shoe industry and she imagined how different things could be.  The hardest part of any journey is that first step: all the risks, the unknown, and the adventures. When you put on a pair of their shoes, you are taking the first step of your journey; you embark on a night of unknown adventures. "
 "We don’t do anything safe, we want to experience it all, we’re crazy, bold, and we don’t take $hit from anybody. "

Love the sky high heels, bold colours, and unique heels.
I've definitely never seen anything so beautifully crazy and at such affordable prices!

Received a parcel few days ago and I was stocked to the max!
Lo' behold I was holding this gigantic box, couldn't wait to tear it apart and see what's inside.

Not only is the packaging super cute but each side of the shoe came in it's own dust bag. Perfect for storage and maintenance! They even left me a note. How cute is that? I love it how brands establish personal connections with lovely notes.

Some close up of the shoe I chose :

Can't wait to show you guys how it looks on me!
Love how I can adjust each strap separately, great for someone like me as I have small ankles. Loving the gold stiletto heels and gold buckles. Colour is perfect as well! I love my shoes to stand out ;)

Stay tune for my outfit of the day (#OOTD) posts.

In the meantime, SHOP NOW.

Check them out at :

Office Address:
831 Lawson Street
City of Industry, CA 91748
United States


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