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Second day on Asia's Largest Sea Party.
It was a crazy day one, and we partied till the same came up. Slept at 6am and woke up at 11am. There was so much to do and not enough time! Some of us woke up drunk (no I am not kidding and no it wasn't me lol).

After a quick breakfast at Windjammer, we headed to the highest deck for some activities.

While the boys were playing basketball, I got my tan on.
Such a nice weather! Kuala Lumpur was going through a rainy season and I was so pleased to see the sun!

Before I continue on, I would like to show you how beautiful my room is!
We got the Deluxe Balcony Room which was awesome.

As not only do I wake up to a view like this, but also the gorgeous ray of lights shinning in waking me up :)
Doesnt that tells you how much I despise gloomy rainy weather eyh.

With clear blue skies and deep blue oceans, we adjourned to the Sapphire room dressed in shorts and casual tees for our lunch.

Life on the ship was pretty much laidback. We got use to the fact that we only had each other and no technology could come into play as there's no line at all unless you want to fork up USD30 for slow internet then by all means, go ahead haha. 
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We continued on with our afternoon basking in warm sun rays and glasses of vodka cocktails.

As I've mentioned before, my crew was pretty havoc and we literally ate, slept, drank and repeat for five days straight I wasn't kidding. 

After a few hours in, we ended up with this. And many more candidly funny pictures which shall not be shown here haha.

Listening to deep house and watching the sunset we then adjourned to the upper front deck for a full view of the ships front.

We did however took an hour break every day before dinner just to freshen up.
I seriously couldn't head straight to dinner feeling all sweaty and having tanning oil on my body.

Before dinner we went to check out JHIN and Bloody Beetroots.

He was really friendly and invited anyone who wanted to come up closer to check out how he plays.
So cool right?

Then later on we headed back to Sapphire for a 3-course dinner.
Which didn't end up as a 3-course dinner as all of us were so so so hungry we ordered like 3 appetizers each following with main course and skipping dinner. Major LOL moment.

Later on was when the party started!
Headed up to the main pool deck for headliner Dash Berlin, DJ Isaac and the rest to play that night.

I decided to bring my camera along that night and what a good and bad choice it was.
It was bad cause it started pouring, good cause .. well check it out for yourself :

Me and Maria was probably quite wasted, actually almost everyone was.
What another epic day and night, can't wait to show you guys day three as we head for a private beach party!

Till then, x.

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