✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ The Boatbuilders Yard, Alumbra, St. Kilda & Becassa ✈

So since the fambam was in town we took a ride to St Kilda, for some, hopefully, fun in the sun, DURING WINTER. Hahah, god I don't know how did that even made any sense but we had people who were on holiday, who wanted to tour round Melbourne, so why not. 
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Infamous Luna Park, with it's big scary clown face greeting you at the entrance.

So a few touristy shots infront of Luna Park and around it, we took a stroll to the beach front before making our way to a restaurant for lunch.

Cause it's not that cold, hahah I lied.
It was freaking 11* degrees that day! And I took off my jacket, scarves and what not lol.

Later on that night it was party time and off we headed to Alumbra which was at Docklands.
Damn the weather was so freaking cold we had to walk all the way in to the entrance of the club in dresses and heels. If it was KL, I would just rock up in my Nikes and Sweatpants lol.

Girls girls girls.
With and without jackets/blazers lol.

May, myself, Joyee, Erin and CY.

Half of Ri Hao's face is just epic haha.

On the Ciroc area but drinking champagne, lol.

Alumbra is actually one of the more bigger spacious clubs I've been to Melbourne, although it's sisters club Scarlett at Ms. Collins is still rather huge and pretty.

We had like a buffet of drinks that night and we didn't get tipsy although maybe some of us did.
I stayed warm, the alcohol kicked in and took away the cold chills.

Party people of that night!

Bumped into Khai Sing who was a bride to be!
She spotted me from away and made her way to my spot to say hi and invited me to her wedding but sadly I couldn't be able to make it as I was flying off in a week or so. Nevertheless, saw her wedding day pictures and it looked like a very joyous occasion with a very happy bride. Congrats again girl!

The next day I made my way to Emporium to meet up with two long time friends Stephanie and Gigi.
We had lunch at Becassa and I loved the place!

Such a  nice place to have brunch or enjoy tea.

A few of the things we ordered to share. From sandwiches to waffles and that thing in a pan haha.

Had a quick catch up session with them before heading off to dinner and drinks.

One fine sunny day when the storm has settled and after a week of being a tour guide, headed out to the nearest chilling spot we could think of.

We were having finger foods and beer for a light brunch cause somewhere in the world it's happy hour and since I was on holiday, why not?

Fried Calamari and Pulled Pork,super yums, super good.
With full tummy's we sat a little longer to let it that ride out before exploring the city.

More post on Melbourne soon!

Who knew I would take the plunge and book my flight tickets a day before and flew out to Australia the next. What a spontaneous trip! I doubt anything else in my life was as spontaneous as that, and what a huge risk too. Didn't book any check in luggage and was still in the midst of settling my Stereo tickets lol. But it all turned out quite well and I had a blast.

What a way to end my year and hopefully start off with a high note!

Till then, x.

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