my 2014 review ♡

Hey guys!
It's once again time for my yearly reviews or throwbacks or whatever you want to call them. I've been doing them for years except 2013, so this is 2014's one! Didn't really have a good end to 2013 hence the skip but that's alright as I did have a good start for 2013 but that's to late to review now as it's 2015 and 2014 was an awesome one. Can't wait to see what this year holds as I've spent a quarter of a decade living and breathing now.

Big changes are about to come, and I am hoping for the best. Although we can't predict what's going to happen in the future but we can at least guide it. Well that's what growing up has taught me.

p/s : I'm not saying I'm fully grown or I'm super mature about life and things or even the way I act. I'm just saying I've learnt.

Before we progress further, I would like to state that pictures are not according to order. Though I try to keep them closest to the timeline of 2014 happenings but yeah well, it'll be crazy to sort them out one by one too as I can remember the moments but not the exact date!

Other than that, some pictures have appeared on my blog before and some was only shared on my private Facebook profile.

So here goes!

It seems that even though I've cut down so much on my personal posts on Instagram, Twitter, public Facebook and even my blog! There are some who still think I air it all out on my social media. And that's how I live, just partying or what not, WRONG. Nowadays I only posts things of what I think is accepted and what I wouldn't mind the world judging me on. Everything else I wish to keep personal or limited is on my personal Facebook page. I have two pages, one for my social needs and my selfies what nots while the other one is kept private. So do not judge a book by its cover, ever.

I started 2014 still in a blur and still accepting harsh reality of what growing up is supposed to be. It was mean and cruel, like a cold winter. 2013 was a 'floating' phase where I bummed around and didn't do much other than travel, shop and partied. So when 2014 came knocking I didn't know what to expect but to learn from mistakes made in 2013. 

It was tough at first, but I adapted and started changing the way I think and handled situations.

I needed to get rid of the negatives and the negativity.

Traveling has helped a lot by taking my mind of things, but in the end of the day I knew where I belonged and when I have to snap back to reality. Taking a breather, I thought a lot about my life, what I wanted out of it and who I wanted to be as a person. 

Like people always say "It's never too late to change". Yeah, that's true, but it ain't easy either. Even if it was easy to change your personality and attitude, it still takes time for other people to accept your change. 

Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu.
First thing I did like I mentioned above, I got rid of my negativity.

I stopped over thinking, majorly. I always had tons of thoughts running through my mind, while I'm eating, before going to bed, driving, even when I'm out with people. It never stops. That was probably the most hardest thing to change but I can say now I've managed to avoid it. 

I stopped over thinking which led to better reactions. I can now shut off anything I displease by just closing off my thoughts to that particular problem or person, and well, it really lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. 

Central World Bangkok.
With all that along came my social circle. Negative aura attracts negative aura. I needed to take out all the toxins and poison from my life which was sucking every bit of me. I've always found it hard to cut off people from my life as I was always afraid of offending people. 

But as a blogger I've learnt long time ago that there's some things you should keep away from the world, especially the internet. And trust me when I say, everything I post up is only half of the truth, it's a tiny window of what I do or who I am. I learned how to portray myself and created this limit of how much to share. No I don't mean that I act differently off the internet and on the internet. I just don't put it out as a whole cause you have no idea what judgements and stereotyping people can come up with nowadays, and in the end of the day I'm only human and I do feel whenever I see nasty comments made about me. Some could be true, but most of them are untrue. 

Formula 1, Sepang.
I use to always try and change how the world works but I've come to realised I can't, so I made the change in me. I finally cut loose of people that I didn't need. Was tough and scary at first but I started with baby steps. Deleting people I don't know or don't remember from my FB. 

MHB girls and I at Kronenbourg's event at the Roof.
A funny tip I've learnt, "Easy way to delete people you don't know, check the birthday panel daily. Delete those that you don't remember meeting or never had a convo with". Pretty cynical but so useful. Then when I got more comfortable, I deleted people I know that I stopped trusting or made me feel uncomfortable posting freely on my Facebook. When you start getting really comfortable, you realise that you can apply that to real life too. 

I now keep close friends around, and spend time with them more often than hanging out at meaningless events. If I do attend events it's because it's fun or otherwise. Not cause I needed to keep up my appearance or whatsoever.

With all that, I had more time for me and more time to focus on the positives of life.
I stopped worrying, I stopped judging, I stop caring about the small things that don't matter and appreciated things that do.

I felt great and better than I have ever been.

I am still adapting and learning now, but it's been a good process. 
At least I'm not falling backwards and I have more time to strive for better goals in my life. From career to achievements. 
WWD Japan
GUESS? Blogger Awards 2014
OOTD Magazine feature.
Campus Plus Magazine
... and many more features but I don't have the time to scan them properly. These were readily found online!

Collecting my very own Calvin Klein items, KLCC.
It feels pretty good when 2014 started rolling and things started getting on track.
Positive aura attracted more positive aura.

Chinese New Year dinner with the Villians Group *inside joke*.
Other than that, keeping oneself busy is the key of a productive mind.
Work hard and play hard. I believe in the balance of life. 

I definitely don't think like everyone else. My mindset is just really really different, sometimes boderline weird but that's okay. I believe that we all have our own purpose in life, no matter big or small. We live for ourselves and to make it worth our while, not for others. With that being said, I'm not asking you to be a selfish prick, but do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I enjoy making people around me happy and that makes me happy in return. 

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.
The Press, Penang.
It's not easy having a full time job while still finding time to blog and then upkeep a social life.
I barely have time for myself nowadays but after some getting use to, I managed to find the balance. Balance is the key.

I have my hands full everyday which makes me appreciate my "me" time even more. I do laze around once in a while (mostly cause of exhaustion) but that makes me reach deep and think about how wonderful life is and I start appreciating things I have in the present. I learnt how to live in the present and not to worry too much about the future and just cherish the past.

Occasional GNOs. Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur.
 With the passing of my late grandmother, which was probably the most painful thing I've ever had to go through in my whole life so far, I made a promise myself to be more like her. She was a kind, loving, gentle soul.

That kind of threw me out of balance. For once in my life I felt so so helpless.
Made me realise you can change so much things in your life but death is still inevitable. 

Valentines Day, Putrajaya.
Beast, Intermark, Kuala Lumpur.
So I keep those dear to my heart close to me.

When you get older, you realise that you're okay with just a small circle of friends.
Not looking over your shoulder every minute. Just feeling comfortable and happy.

Something someone close said to me, "It's how your actions are perceived by others". This really hit me, hard. Like I might've thought that doing this or that was alright, but was it really? Instead of going back to worrying and over cautious of my behavior I just decided that some parts of me are off limits to change as I wouldn't be me without them, and the other parts would have to go. 

Always remember three things, be kind, be compassionate and be reasonable.

Erin's farewell.
A lot of huge changes in 2014 I would say.

After getting back on my own two feet I told myself I needed to be independent and start doing things for myself. After I got that checked, Erin moving to Melbourne was a big change. Firstly cause the house started feeling quieter without her presence. Then came a job, adjusting to early mornings and late nights wasn't easy. 

FMFA Day One, Bukit Jalil.
FMFA Day Two, Bukit Jalil.

I still kept my social game strong. 

As mentioned above, I started filtering events I wanted to be at, not for the sake of keeping up appearances etc.

We had two full good days at FMFA which was abruptly ended with the death of some of the attendees. Such sad news for the victims and the ravers as all raves from then on got cancelled, one by one. 

I started raving almost 8 years ago now and our music scene has come a long way since then. From small stages with a few laser lights to huge stages with lifted decks and crazy laser lights. I still remember my first rave where I felt a bit out of place as I didn't know what's going on haha. Then I just started falling for the music scene, the feeling an outdoor party made me feel. 

It tasted like temporary freedom.

Calvin Harris F1 Afterparty, Sepang.
What I would like to tell people out there is that, don't blame the victims. Yes they might have took their lives lightly but nobody deserves to die. So mean to see posts on social media condemning the victims and organisers. How can you blame someone specifically for what happened?

Why don't you look at yourself instead? 

People should read up about PLUR and what it stands for. It's such a beautiful thing. Peace Love Unity and Respect.

Next time you attend a rave, don't blame the organisers about charging RM10 or even RM20 for bottled water. Yes it is expensive, but water is not free in Malaysia, we can't drink tap water and do you think the acts/DJs come cheap? Do you think the lighting and stage come cheap? Yes they do get sponsors but seriously, do the math. They have to earn money also right. And how can you put money above your life or your friends life? If you are already planning to go for a rave, be prepared to spend, that's all I'm gonna say. It's like going to one of the big raves like Tomorrowland or UMF or EDC and when you get there you rather sleep by the roadside or not buy any souvenirs at all just for the sake of saving money. If it's such a trouble then why even go in the first place?  

First time at Good Vibes festival and I enjoyed it!
Feeling dem' Good Vibes, Sepang.
Ellie Goulding and Empire of The Sun yayyers! Good Vibes Festival at Sepang.
If you see someone in need, stop and help them out. You know it's very hard to rely on our paramedics or police for situations like these. Our music events scene might've come a long way but the paramedics and police force seriously have to up their game. Their quite inefficient compared to our neighboring countries. I kid you not.

Moving on..

KLFW, Pavilion.
Hardwell, Zouk Club KL.
Takkei and I , Play Club.
I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them I've been working almost close to a year now.
It's pretty crazy thinking about it too. 

Scrolling through all the pictures in this post itself made me wonder about how I managed to juggle them all. No wonder I was always so tired! But it's okay, it feels great. I was more engaged with things that were happening, although I get burned out easily due to the tight schedules. Now I'm looking forward to getting my own place. That would be nice!

Howie's birthday.
Birthdays however was scaled down by way a lot.
One of the things my friends know me for was the awesome and fun parties I've thrown throughout the years. Especially my birthday parties. But I was so lazy that year and wasn't too excited about turning a year older I decided not to have any celebration!

Candid shot at my house party. That's only a few of them.
That as the days grew closer to my birthday my mom, boyfriend and sister started worrying about me.
As if I lost my head or something. It was funny to see them panicking for a while there. But honestly I was just lazy and tired. I really didn't see the point of throwing myself a party when I wasn't excited about the reason behind it.

I'm growing older.

Even saying that out loud gives me the creeps. You see I really enjoy maturity and shit like that but the change of number (age), is just freaking me out! I feel like time is running out and one day I might be a mom or someones wife or I don't know, who knows right and I don't know if I am prepared for all that. I was happy being in this phase, young adult? 

Carnage at Zouk Club KL.
I finally did two parties, one at home and one at Zouk. It was a blast and I forgotten about the fact that I'll have to grow up (by age) for a while. But now a new year, it's just getting closer and closer.

This year didn't lack any traveling as well.
I might've cut it down from one month once, to every two or three months once.
Didn't matter if it's anywhere in Malaysia or abroad. 
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Enjoying Ice Kacang and Cendol at Melaka.
And again I was back to the land down under.
Still not bored of the place yet. Actually thought I would get bored this time round and almost did but I guess it will always have a special place in my heart. It feels like a place where anything can and might've happen. If I had gave it a shot, but I can't go back to before. It's like something I can see but can not touch.

They fed me so much on Business Class! Yes it was my first time, lol. Worth it if you're flying a day flight. So much to do, so little time hah!
It's like my second home now.
I feel comfortable, I can roam the streets freely. I don't need to worry about much.

Nobu, Crown, Melbourne.

All the food I want to eat I can eat, shopping is fun. Exploring every damn day.

I could live there.

Plus, there's always friends there.
Or friends that will visit.

I love taking lone strolls when I'm there. I get to clear my head and look at the bigger picture.
Just being at that city makes me happy. I feel alive and I feel like I can take on the world.

I guess when you're centered and you spend some of that alone time, you tend to see things differently. Everything about that place amazes me, not forgetting some key memories I've made there. That green grass patch, or that bar inside the casino. 

Most of you won't get it, I even have friends bugging me with questions like, "Why are you always going back there?" "Why don't you save up that money and head to Europe?" bla bla bla. 

Honestly, what's so weird about it. I've been going to Australia since I was a kid, for every year of my life up until now. I am so comfy there, I can do anything in peace. No language barrier etc. You have no idea how good it feels!

Like I said, I left a part of me there and I will always hold it dearly. Until that changes, people have to deal with the fact that I'm in love with Melbourne! There I said it! Haha.

On another note, I've been busy hanging out and catching up with friends.
It's also come to that point of time where you want to see what's everyone up to and have a more constructive conversation than the usual yumcha sessions.

Spending my social time at friends events or birthdays. 

.. and even weddings, lol!

I'm at that phase where my friends are either getting engaged/married or too drunk to find their phones. And at some point I'm still stuck in limbo, in a good way I hope. Just riding life out and see what it has installed for me.

With that being said, I had more time to fully enjoy everything I was doing and a few memorable events in twothousandfourteen was like FMFA which was mentioned above, Calvin Harris at Sepang (I think I was the only one other than the VIPs at VIP section that was truly having fun lol. Everyone else was alcohol deprived). 

And then there was Halloween which went something like this.

So Halloween is not celebrated hugely in Malaysia compared to the States but I've liked it since I was young. Love the idea of going around collecting candies and stuff, but now since I'm much older, this will have to do.

For 2014 I made more of an effort to properly dress up with a fully rented costume. Pretty fun when all your friends dresses up like this hah!

Next memorable thing would be Dreamfields and Bali.

Headed to Bali with a group of friends for a rave.
I was majorly rave deprived and the rest just wanted a vacay lol.

It was fun! Bumped into so many familiar faces and all of us grouped together.
Eventhough with the lack of sleep from the night before, we managed to pull through.

The other days were spent chilling, tanning and eating.
What more can I ask for? :)

Another memorable one would be #ITSTHESHIP 2014 !
Best party of the year.

Everyone was dead tired the first day they got onboard but that never stopped anyone from going full swing when nightfall. 

When you're in the middle of the ocean with no cell network; laptops and mobile phones weren't at any visible sight, everyone got to engage in proper conversations and such. Even during party time, no one really bother about taking pictures to upload and sorts like that. Makes such a huge different!

We also got to hung out with some of the DJs while they were on board.
It was kinda cool :p

Last but not least, I had a great group of friends on board so that added more to the fun factor!
We were probably the most havoc crew on board with our drunk escapades of some rolling and crawling around the ship at 6am in the morning. But sleeping at that hour didn't stop us from waking up for breakfast! We fully utilized every day, packing it with tons of things and stuff to do.

Another memorable one for 2014 was my spontaneous trip to Melbourne, again.
Told you I had a sweet spot for it!

Probably second best trip to Melbourne ever!

It was so freaking random that no one knew I was going, I didn't have to worry much and I only went there with one handcarry bag which was so easy to travel with! 

Had a good hearty breakfast the minute I landed, and everything just got better from then on.
It was supposed to be summer but felt more like Autumn. 
A bit of a bummer there but all good as the company was great. 

Best part is the initially reason why I headed there in the first place.


And for Calvin Harris.
I seriously couldn't live with myself if I won't be hearing Blame, Outside, Sweet Nothing live.

Great group of friends too.
Although it was a short time spent this time round I definitely had so much more fun.

Then it was back to Kuala Lumpur for birthdays and parties.

I know it seems like that's all I do but seriously people, who posts up things that aren't interesting right? I mean, there's nothing to share about when I'm working on my blog post or working my day job or running errands. 

2014 was awesome. Wasn't much of a rollercoaster, which is great. But definitely more highs then lows.

And the last trip for 2014 overseas was Danang, Vietnam. Although I've said I'll try my best to avoid visiting China and Vietnam, dad insisted on visiting and since Erin's back and all that I gave in.

It wasn't as stressful as Ho Chi Minh or Beijing. It was actually quite nice truth be told. Sadly I was expecting a beach getaway but end up dealing with winter lol. More on that soon I promise :)

Then back again to KL for Christmas with the bunch.
What an epic night.

Which then followed with New Year which we all headed to Penang for.

After a lot of indulging on local street food (we were filled to the brim!) was Happy Hour which led to dinner nearby. Everyone was prepped and ready to usher in the New Year. For the first time ever I was slightly reluctant and partially relieved. Does that even makes sense?

I had a pretty good year, and those kind of things are hard to come by as I mentioned above.
I tend to overthink like I said, so I'm slightly unsure what this year would bring although I've promised myself to stay more grounded as being grounded is good for the soul.

I'm glad to have a close knit bunch of people whom I trust and have tons of good times with.
I'm okay staying in my comfort zone although I make myself face risky situations at times.
I'm happy I found stuffs that interest me to do, and will continue doing then to be dragged and involved in peoples petty dramas. Seriously, just brush it off and shut them out. It is really not that hard!

I hope this year would be better than the last but what's sunshine without a little rain?
Things tend to happen and I do hope I will be tough and prepared to face things this year.

That was crazily epic. Probably the only bunch that drank so much and danced so much at the whole venue. I am not kidding. Most of us woke up with bits and pieces of memories from last night while the rest was blurry. 

I wish the very best to all of you out there.

& I know some of you might've stopped reading half way through as there's so many pictures and things I am talking about which you might not know unless you've been reading and following this blog since day one.

I hope that some part of this post will inspire those out there to travel, explore, experience and live.
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By the way some of the pictures will link you to the original blog post, or the caption will, so feel free to browse and read about them! 

It's never too late, you just have to take the first step out to the unknown.

Love you guys and will talk soon!

p/s: This post is the most personal post I've done for a while! At times I found it tough to continue on wondering if people will take any part of it wrongly, however I know that I can't control the way everyone thinks right. So here goes. Will update with post of Stereo, New Year, etc soon. Loves! x


mizzmoi said…
Super jealous, I could only dream of a year as amazing and fun as yours; loved this post so good job girl!
stephiielim said…
Hi Mizzmoi, nothing to be jealous of! It's just balancing things you need to do with things you want to do :) It's only January of 2015, you have a whole year to plan it out! Have fun and have a great one! x
NatashaTing said…
What a job summing these up! I must say people who take the effort to gain positiveness, especially bloggers or celebrities are definitely under credited. Have a great year!

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stephiielim said…
Thanks Natasha! You too x.

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