#OOTD : Lovely streets of Kayelle | Aana Jankins ♡

It was a beautiful Sunday noon when we headed out to the heart of the city for some shopping and cakes.
It's was a crazy New Year eve and all that. It was non stop, on the clock, work after work, jobs after jobs to be done. And all the catching up and farewells I finally had a day to myself.

Top from Forever 21
Skirt from Zara
Shoes from Nike
Chain necklace from Snap Heartware 

After some full fledged shopping spree, we settled for tea and cakes at my fav place.

So satisfied with my shopping a tea time!
Look at that pastry, it's chocolate cake with passion fruit filling and a gold leaf.

Arm candy of the day:
Balenciaga cuff
Givenchy cuff
Aana Janakis Alpha Double Ring

I'm very into all these monochromatic minimalism designs nowadays and Aana Janakis has definitely caught my eye. 

Aana Janakis is one of Australia's most promising design talents. Based in Sydney, Australia, her design talent have been recognized around the world with international designers such as Michael Kors and Australian based artist Josh Goot.

When I received the ring, I was amazed by it's strong built for something that size and the quality of it. Not only that, you can notice the smallest details like how the gold bar can be removed from unscrewing it's tiny screw knob which would be hidden to the naked eye.

Being inspired by object design, the female form and her Greek heritage, Aana Janakis designs are high impact, strong and refined. 

Check out www.AanaJanakis.com for more designs and to purchase your own unique spectacular piece today.

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