R3hab, Comic Gate & Futuristic Polarbears 2014 ♡

Time to fill the blog up with some colourful pictures don't you agree?
Here are some party pictures throughout the last quarter of twentyforteen.

Not much captions, just visuals ;)

Polarbears from the future, lol!
the Futuristic Polarbears, Howie and I.

Made a new gurlfriend who's hails from our neighboring country Singapore!
Hello Mae Tan!

we danced while the lights flashes by.

Haven't seen these gurls for a long time now.
Everyones either busy dating or with the careers.
Cheers to motivation!

R3hab, finally got to catch his whole set! Yay.

I was having a good hair day, so cheers to that!

& my tan from Bali was still on so yay!
Here with Wendi who only appears when I least expect to see her haha along with Ezza.

Cosmic Gate!

That's all for now peeps, till then!
I hope y'all partied safe and had fun :)

Cheers to the New Year, lets hope for a good 2015.



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