✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ ✈

Visited Da Nang, Vietnam early December.
Right after I got back from Stereosonic, Australia.

My head was buzzing from all the traveling before then (3 countries in 4 weeks isn't as fun as it seems) and my body clock was super messed up. Having to adjust to 3 hours ahead of Malaysia's time then to an hour back was just crazy. 

Anyways took a morning flight out and got there just in time for lunch.

It was a gloomy day, wasn't too happy with that cause I was told that it was a 'beach vacation' and I was looking forward to sunny skies and suntanning. 

First thing I noticed was this huge metal dragon deco on a bridge that connects the city to the other side towards the beach.
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We then checked into our hotel, called Brilliant Hotel. What a brilliant name right? (pun intended).

It was really spacious and the service was top notch. Did a quick review search on Trip Advisor and Agoda only to find out it's one of the best hotel in that area, beating well known hotel names like Novotel. Surprise, surprise.

Freshen up and headed out to explore the area.


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After some food hunting and sight seeing we took a short nap then got up for dinner and did some more exploring. Da Nang is very pretty and filled with lights during night fall. What a pretty sight.
Oh by the way remember how I mentioned it was supposed to be a beach holiday? It turned out to be really cold, it was actually winter. What the hell?! I packed clothes for the beach only to brace cold weather. Such a bummer I had to wear Erin's clothes for most of the trip.

Beautiful lights everywhere.

Things you will see at night; couples dating by the river, people taking a stroll, doing line dancing, or any sort of dancing, skating and walking their dogs. Felt very calm and relaxed. It wasn't as hectic or crazy packed like Ho Chi Minh.

We made our way to Madame Lan for dinner.

It was one of the recommended place so we thought of trying it out.

What's dinner without some beer right?

So we ordered a few dishes, all Vietnamese style of course.

It was super tasty and delicious!
All that for less than RM150, super worth it.
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Well that sums up my first day, will talk about it more soon so stay tune.

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Katie said…
Your pictures of the food make me hungry Stephanie :( I miss my spring rolls and pancakes made at Da Nang Home Cooking Class :( Have to save up money to get back here quickly. Keep doing the good job girl!

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