✈ New Years Eve 2014/15 ♡ Penang ✈

Since December went by like a whiz, I didn't stop traveling even until New Years Eve.
But this time we did a road trip to Penang. No more flying for a bit!

We left a little after dinner and headed up north.
Reached there just in time for some yummy supper awaiting us and cold beers. Had a wonderful night sleep before a full day of food hunting!

We went back to Ah Leng's Char Kuey Teow as we really liked this since the last time we were there compared to the rest. After this we had some Assam Laksa. 

We then decided to check out Gurney Paragon, the newest mall in Penang.
Also cause the weather was so humidly hot we needed some AC.

We then took a stroll along Gurney Drive.

Erin donning Hawkers Co. eyewear in Carbon Black Emerald One

It was a beautiful sunny day, I even enjoyed the heat to be honest.
I definitely do not appreciate the rain and gloominess.

So we had time to kill before dinner and since everyone else was sweating bucket loads, what better way then to cool down other than having some cold ones?

There were too many choices of imported beers! Haha.
Instead of having a pint or two, we ended up having more than a few.

Walked to Gurney Drive for some hawker food.
Yes we know it isn't the best place for authentic Penang street food but we were sorta on a time crunch and that'll do! Plus we didn't want to get caught up in the New Year jam.

How times have changed.

So we headed back to the apartment and got changed for Elation which was happening at Precint 10.
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Theme of the night was all black.

It's either that or it'll be white hahaha lol.

With the bunch!
We got there in time for BATE's set, so the party didn't start till..

The bottle was freaking heavy, damnnnnnnnnnn.

It was a mini rave!
How cute.

Haven't been raving in my own country since early of 2014.
I do miss it and I hope it comes back sooner.

Anyways, bumped into a few friends from Penang too.

Hanni and I.

We were totally enjoying Goldfish and Blink's set that we rushed down from the VIP area to the front of the stage.

And when the alcohol started kicking in.. all the weird posses started coming out

Grateful to be ushering three new years with you Vampkuns!

After the mini rave ended, we headed back into Cuvee for more partying.

The night seriously went on with a blur.
I remember champagne showers, lots of dancing and singing on top of my lungs.
Funniest part was the fact that we ended up on the DJ console/stage. Apparently we went downstairs to be closer to the stage to show some support but it was so packed we had to stand up on the console but we couldn't contain our dance moves and just went all out haha!

T'was a fun memorable night, which I totally KO-ed.
And no, not going to show the aftermath pictures haha. If you would like to follow me on the go please do follow me on Instagram or my Facebook :)

The next day we went for more local delicacies before heading home.
We wanted to miss the crazy traffic and it was a long weekend! :D

Stay tune to more travel posts upcoming!
Love you guys, x.


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