#OOTD : Tulle Skirts ♡ BonBon Boutique

Any day is a good day for tulle skirts.

We've adored them since we were little and we still have a soft spot for them eventhough we're much older. I use to spot them on ballerinas and always had this urged of buying them from dance shops just so I could wear them even though I've never taken up ballet. As years passed by I had my fair share of donning them but never seemed to find one just as poofy or at the length I wanted it to be.

I love how you could dress a tulle skirt up and be very feminine and girly. It makes me feel like a doll and very elegant! I do also love the fact that Bon Bon Boutique allows customisation of these tulle skirts! Finally a shop that allows you to customise the length, colour and size of your very own tulle skirt.

BonBon Boutique does not limit ones creativity when it comes to your very own personalised skirt.

There's a few layers making it very poofy and light.
This was the most important criteria on my list when I'm looking for a tulle skirt. So far everything else I ordered turned out to be rather flat and not even close to the picture. Without any fluffing, BonBon Boutique's tulle skirt certainly lived up to it's pictures!

I felt like a princess for a day!
So dreamy and lovely.

Top from Bangkok
Skirt from BonBon Boutique
Clutch from McQ
Shoes from Bangkok

 If you're looking for customised skirts do head over to BonBon Boutique to get yours done as manufacturing starts on the 1st of March! My skirt is 65cm in length and I do also have another customised to 15cm in length which you'll see me donning soon. You can also request for something longer, maxi length if you'd like. I can only imagine how beautiful the maxi length one would be!

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