Solid Gray ♡

Finally a hardshell backpack that is able to carry my laptop, its charger and all other fragile gadgets I do not wish to throw in a soft bag!

Presenting, Solid Gray.

I love my gadgets very dearly and I hate it when I don't have the right carrier to transport them around. Thank my lucky stars for Solid Gray as I now have something unique, fashionable and definitely eye catching to carry all of my items.


Low weight and high performance. Made from thin, lightweight, high-tech polymer.


Folded designs that can take a punch. Clever structures, stronger products.


It’s all in the details. Optimal functionality; adapted to your daily needs.

Solid Gray believe in creating new things and innovative products that outshine's today standards by being like nothing else. It is highly original, highly functional. Solid Gray backpacks are made from polypropene block copolymer which is extremely durable and lightweight. It is so strong that even after being bent millions of times it will not break or tear.

It's unique design doesn't compromise comfort as its back side is flexible and slightly curved giving a nice snug fit. You can also switch the straps or change them over time with it's adjustable clasps. Other than that, the backpack is water resistant however if you would think that you might be caught under a rain, Solid Gray caters to that too by producing water proof covers for your back pack!

You can choose from two different colours (not counting the limited edition one) and add on some 'spice' to your backpacks with artsy stickers available on site!

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