✈ Danang, Vietnam 2014 ♡ Part III ✈

After a couple of days living in the city area along the river we moved to the coastal side of DaNang called China Beach. Voted one of the best beaches in the world I was pretty stoked but I was warned that it wouldn't be as pretty during December as the water gets a tad bit cloudy as heavy tides rushed in. What a bummer! But still, least I've been here right?

With another gloomy day upon us and tugged in thick comfy clothing we checked into A'la Carte Hotel Danang.

A pretty quirky name for a hotel right? But it was brand new and facing the Goddess Of Mercy's statue and China Beach, I will be the last to complain!

Thank god I was smart enough to bring a pair of sneakers, a sweater and a scarf along!

While checking in we were presented with some light refreshments, a cold towel and some snacks.

We then adjourned to our two bedroom room.

Spacious and comfortable living with mod deco around the unit.
It was on a good location, with a pretty view and seafood restaurants just below. However, not a sight of a convenient store nearby so do get whatever you need from the city area before heading here. Not a big deal really, just incase you love staying up late and snacking on junk food like I do then by all means be prepped!

We headed up to the rooftop pool, which also has a restaurant and after dark, turns into a bar!

Panaromic views of Danang.
The tall buildings are towards the river side or city as I would call it, and the coastal line from the Goddess of Mercy temple to China Beach.

Reflective sunglasses from Hawkers Co.
It doesn't look that sunny but I still gotta protect my eyes from harmful UV rays right?

We then got changed and chilled at the rooftop pool for a bit, while Erin did a lap or two around the pool while I read and drank soju.

Swimsuit by JETS Swimwear.
Love, love love! This monokini, got questioned by a few guests staying at the hotel about it.
I gave it a retro feel by throwing huge sunnies and a bright red lippy on.

I did however tried to get in the pool but it's super cold!

Earrings from Snap Heartware.
They carry beautiful affordable accessories!

As you can see, the cloud shifted and it started getting gloomy.


Decided to wrap myself up, ordered a slice of chocolate cake and continued with my book and soju.
Weird combo but felt so good!

Took an evening nap just before dinner.

Just one block away, we saw a long stretch of restaurants serving fresh seafood, chose the one closest to our hotel and decided to dine there. Of course there were more posh restaurants just opposite our hotels facing the beach directly but we decided to dine like the locals!

And it wasn't a bad choice either!
So many varieties of fresh seafood and some I've not seen before.

We picked our choice, gave them an estimate of how much we would be consuming and left the cooking style to them.

We ended up with these :

We also had prawns but I totally forgotten to snap a picture of that!
Dinner was super satisfying and reasonable so that made me a happy traveler.

It started to pour soon after which was a major bummer so we were stuck in our hotel!

But fret not as the hotel has a bar upstairs, imagine what we did till bed time haha.

Will update you soon!
Till then, x.


Henry Tan said…
nice view! hopefully i would stay there too if i happen to go! =D thanks for sharing!

best place to chill out! =D
stephiielim said…
Hi Henry,

It's a lovely hotel, do check it out! x

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