Galisfly ♡

What started on a small Etsy shop, Galisfly has now bloomed into of a trendsetting site to look for ready-to-wear statement pieces.

Bringing a more personalised approach by presenting the designs in a more appealing way by showcasing them on actual hands with unique nail art definitely propelled the brand to greater heights with pictures going viral then on!

What you see on Galisfly is handmade with love. Using only the best materials, their items are still fairly priced.

Bringing urban chic together with an ethnic touch, Galisfly has jewelry and accessories designed for the edgy, fashion forward and elegant fly gals.

Spotting Sun Tribal Septum ring.
My first septum ring actually. Seeing some of my favourite fashionista's donning septum rings I've always wanted one but never had the guts to get 'em pierced. Now I can happily own the look without going through the trouble!

It also came with a cute jewellery bag!

Galisfly also carries a variety of rings and other body jewellery.

As you may have spotted on the first picture, I am wearing rings from Galisfly and here is another picture of me with them. It's never a fashion crime to pull off two metallics at once, just as long as they're of the same basics, in this case both are shiny metals (silver and rose gold) and you'll be fine! 

I love how both type of rings matched each other perfectly instead of clashing, probably due to the quality of the made, which is similar and great which didn't end up looking tacky or too forced.

If you like what I am wearing, do check out Galisfly on these platforms :


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