Happy Plugs ♡

Happy Plugs for a happy girl?

What caught my eye was the gold earphones and charger. Now I just need that gold Macbook to complete my whole set as I've got the gold iPhone already haha.

Received this in the mail and wasn't it such a cute package to be opening up to in the morning!

I have the IN-EAR GOLD HAPPY PLUGS DELUXE EDT which has a 9mm handmade drive with a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20kHz. Perfect to carry around and doesn't it just look so classy! Looks like it's part of my accessory infact. 

Then the LIGHTNING CHARGE/SYNC CABLE GOLD HAPPY PLUGS DELUXE EDT which is exclusively coated to match all my gold devices! Not only does it bring a sparkle of color to everything but it's also 200 cm in length. Perfect for charging in bed haha. 

Some upclose pictures :

The story about Happy Plugs started in September, 2011. With the vision to create a headphone that goes beyond tech, Happy Plugs’ concept What Color Are You Today?® was born. Today, Happy Plugs has evolved into an international fashion and lifestyle brand with a strong emphasis on design, packaging and external attributes. Happy Plugs are sold at over 6,000 retailers in 56 countries worldwide.

Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. The brand was born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. We keep it pure and elegant, but still fun and affordable. Design and fashion is delivered through each of their products even down to our unique packaging.

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