Not many people knows this but I've been working for almost a year now (like work in an office kind of work). Well, if you knew that you must be a close friend or an awesome observer! 

Anyways I'll talk about how I came around to that cause I think it would be lengthy self expressing post with a tons of likes and dislike that I have to figure out a way to pen it down properly before I can publish it to the public. Speaking of public and publishing, that will also be another topic I would like to share my thoughts of. I have so much things running through my mind and so much expressions and well, thoughts I would like to share with you but haven't figure out how to cause I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch.


I would love to share with you, my experience of finding a job, a few tips on how to score and make a lasting impression during a job interview.

Surprisingly, a lot of graduates sucks at this (hell, I myself sucked so badly). If you think you're good, you probably went through a few already, so you might want to skip this post. 

My first paying job was after PMR (15 years old), a part time job to earn extra pocket money. It was easy. My friend got it for me and all I had to do was to show up for work. I was a sales assistant at a retail shop. And for my second job, it was right after SPM. Same thing. But after I finished business school and bumming around, traveling, blabla, my friends talked me into getting a job cause I was the only one doing nothing mostly everyday. 

I then decided to challenge myself and to take on the 'responsibilities of growing up', so why not. No harm for trying even though I didn't really have to, yet. 

I sat infront of the computer and thought of what I should write down in my resume. I had tons of samples from friends and theirs looked so darn professional I thought I was up for failure. I ended up writing my true qualities and skills, and attached my qualifications. I then went for a career fair as I didn't know much about the working world and needed to know more about things like, positions I can apply for, what should I apply for and what interested me.

I was lost. And I thought of giving up.

There were just to much pressure and the competition was crazy!
Even with all that negativity, I sucked it in and just dealt with it. But honestly, I was just too lazy to explain to my friends why I skipped out on the thought of working/work.

I submitted my resume to a few companies and friends were nice enough to notify me of job openings at the companies they worked for. Soon enough, I was scheduled for my first interview.


I kinda blew my first interview and I went for more. After a while I got lazy and frustrated cause the companies I wanted to work for either didn't confirmed me or didn't even bother scheduling an interview and I was left with odd jobs that I didn't even know why I bother applying in the first place.

After a few interviews I had an opportunity to work with this company I am currently working at. Like I said above, I am now almost working for a year at this company and I had the chance to conduct a few interviews of my own (well, I needed an assistant). 

A few interviews in, I started questioning myself. Was I at the same level of the people I'm interviewing when I went for my first interview? I wanted to slap myself silly cause I realised how bad I was! So yes, I am now going to state down a few tips for people who needs 'em.

1. Research
- Do a little research of the company you're applying for. This helps you to know if you're actually keen on what that company is doing and also, it'll make a great impression on the person who's going to interview you. You'll seem ready and you won't be caught off guard if they were to ask you about company related stuff.

2. Know your price
- Surprisingly, I wasn't the only one who didn't know how much salary I should be asking for. I went in for my first interview asking for almost close to RM3000 a month and the few people I interviewed either asked for way TOO MUCH or/and this one person, who actually asked me how much she should be asking for (quite a major face palm moment). So ask around, ask your friends, ask your parents, someone with your qualifications be it a degree, masters or even diploma and for what position should be asking for. It really plays a key factor of whether they should hire you or the guy with better skills, and is asking for less.

3. Dress code
- Another surprising thing is that, people don't really know how to dress for interviews. I've seen some who are clad in miniskirts and shorts while some looked like they were attending a bar mitzvah. That's why point 1# is necessary. If you can't seem to figure out how the company is like, well, have some common sense. If it's a bank, obviously a shirt and slacks/pencil skirts almost touching the knees are appropriate and if it's a fashion company, look fashionable but still stay classy? You want your interviewer to take you seriously. If you still can't figure it out, just dress smart casual. Avoid anything above the knees (ladies & gents, take note), put a blazer on, you can take it off after you're done so you dont have to worry about the heat and humidity, and ballerina flats are fine, loafers are okay but no sneakers or slippers. 

4. Prepare
- Bring a copy of your resume, your certs, anything you can show off about how qualified you are. This is your chance to boast (but please keep it moderate. Be confident, not a show off). It's the one chance, one shot you get to make an impression. It's actually hard for employers to remember you if you do not bring a copy of your resume. Imagine the pile of resumes they have on their desk, if yours isn't in there, what would remind them of you?

5. Be yourself
- Unless your a total mess then I would say, be someone you would like to be, a positive person. You do not want to get hired for the 'fake' you. Trust me, people will have very high expectations of you and when you can't perform, you're only going to let yourself down.


Well, that's all I have for now and I wish you all the best for your interview! :) If you have been reading this and would like to share your thoughts, feel free to drop me a comment below. If you have any more tips, please leave them at the comment box below too. 

I'm not saying I am the best candidate during an interview nor was this post about how well I did, cause trust me, even at my last interview I was still very nervous and in my opinion, I still sucked haha, but I was given a chance. I just hope I can prevent others from making the same mistakes I did!

Till then, x. 

Oh and cause I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I do not guarantee that this would work in other countries or how the interviews are conducted elsewhere. So at the end of the day, you should always go with your gut!


Anonymous said…
Just wondering, what are you working as?
joua yang said…
Very helpful interview tips, and I'm also in the process looking for jobs asap after college graduation! You look gorgeous as well!
joua yang said…
Very helpful interview tips, and I'm also in the process looking for jobs asap after college graduation! You look gorgeous as well!
Joua to the Rescue
Henry Lee said…
Great tips! Depends on what kind of industry, sometimes wearing jeans, tshirt and sneaker are fine but the key point is always be prepared and be humble.
stephiielim said…
Hi Yang!
Thank you, it was my first job interview which I aced. And I interviewed a few people on my own after. Sharing pointers I got from my boss :) thanks and all the best! x
stephiielim said…
Agree with the latter :) x

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