Third day on board and most of my buddies woke up still drunk.
What an epic morning, seeing half awake drunk faces while having breakfast.

Got changed into my bikini before heading off to shore for a private beach party!

Bikini from Eau Paix Vie.

I hardly wear triangle bikinis as I've never found it flattering on me but I must give it to EPV for the superb cutting and material. It was top notch and fits so well!

Check them out at www.EauPaixVie.com
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Took the shuttle to a remote stretch of beach which was about 10 minutes away from the ship.
When we got there we noticed people leaving, we were like, okay what's going on.

Then I realised they just couldn't stand the sun and heat.
Major face palm. Dude, it's a cruise party, and you're out on a beach party. Didn't you expect the sun? Funniest part was when we got there an you can spot all the asians under a tent hahaha.

Anyways we went all out and laid our towels on the sand, soaking up some glorious sunshine.
While the boys took part in some activities like futsal.


The drinking didn't stop either.
The amount of alco in our bodies were almost to it's toxic point but hey, we have days after to cleanse it out right.

We pretty much chilled, drank, talked, laugh and dance till the sun set.
It was such a beautiful day!

Then came the big acts.

Lil Jon started DJ-ing!

The crowd went wild and we were at that level where we just had fun and partied our evening through.

Honestly when the party starts, I didn't even bothered taking pictures.

After a couple of hours jumping and dancing the party was over but not completely as we adjourned back to the ship.

The queue was massive and we decided to take a cab instead as we were all starving!

As usual we had I have no idea how course for dinner.
We were famished!

Best part was when some of us was half drunk half sober haha.

The night continued on with more partying and drinking.
Sorry but I didn't bring my camera again :p

Stay tune for the next post!

Much love, x.


Sydney said…
where is this? shit i wish i was you *__*

stephiielim said…
Hi Sydney,

It was on a ship we boarded at Singapore and took a cruise to a private beach in Langkawi.
It was really fun! Come this year :)

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