✈ Melbourne 2014 ♡ Brighton Beach, Queen Victoria's Market & some partying! ✈

Headed to Brighton Beach to check out the infamous bathing box.
What a shocker when I've been there a few times and have not ever checked this place out.

My fave box cause it's so cute isn't it?

One thing though, there was tons of people there, all taking pictures.
I mean yeah that's what you do there but, really, just the amount of Asians was, amusing hahaha. And yes I was one of them.

After that, headed to Queen Victoria market for some food hunting.
& yes, it was also my first time there haha. Damn, what the hell was I doing in Melbourne all these time.

With fresh produce and so much options and varieties, I was amazed and couldn't kick myself harder to be such an idiot and not check this place out sooner.
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So me and Neil ended up with some fresh tuna, a dozen of oysters and cheese.


All that for less than RM60?
Oh yes please. I can do this errday.

We even bought crackers. The only thing that was missing was some good wine.

Sat outside Queen Vic. and enjoyed our nice little picnic session.

Then I headed to Melbourne Central to meet the baby sis for some froyo.

The choices of toppings were also way beyond what we have back in KL.
So much win!

We then walked around the CBD just cause the weather was extra perfect that day.

Later on that night, met up with the girlfriends for some party time!
It was my last night in Melbourne, of course I had to go all out hehe. Plus, daddy picked a Saturday morning to fly back to KL. Such a bummer when I thought I had one more day.

We enjoyed tea and sweets right before clubbing.
What a treat!

So there was an event at Crown and since it was near why not head there since my flight was in a few hours. Major LOL.

Party pictures for you entertainment :

Definitely a fun night out, we stayed till it closed.

Flew back the next day with a slight hangover then it was straight to Zouk. 

Two cities in one weekend.

Will update 'bout my Stereo trip soonest!
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