your lips are movin' ♡

Some fun visuals to break in between the travel and fashion posts!
I do adore some colour in my life ;)

I hardly bring my camera out nowadays and most pictures are taken with my iPhone, hence these are the remaining ones that has not been posted. Finally no more whining from friends about pictures being posted months later as I'll just do all that the next day through my iPhone hahaha.

Adrienne, Erin and I.

CaiJin and myself.
We've come a longgg way since highschool ey.

Maria, Sherlyn, Adrienne, Erin, Karen, myself and Cheryl.

It was a pretty fun night, and also Markus Schulz was spinning that night too.

With the DJ himself.

Cheeky girl!

So it seems that eventhough I've cut down so much on personal posts there are some who still think I air it all out on my social media. WRONG. Nowadays I only posts things of what I think is accepted and what I wouldn't mind the world judging me on. Everything else I wish to keep personal or limited is on my personal Facebook page. I have two pages, one for my social needs and my selfies what nots while the other one is kept private.

Chun Lam and I.

Tiger, Manda, myself and Alex

It's in a gold Moet chalice but filled with whiskey cause bad bitches don't drink champagne :p

Me and Maria.

Nicole, myself and Crystal.

Will update more soon!
If I decide to bring my camera out haha.



joua yang said…
Looked like a fun nighttt!!!! Your colorblock dress is spring gorgeous as well.
Joua to the Rescue
stephiielim said…
It was haha, thanks :)

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