✈ Da Nang ♡ Vietnam 2014 [pt. IV] ✈

Early in the morning we got out of our comfy beds at A'La Carte Hotel Danang Vietnam.

Dad arranged for a driver for the day to bring us around sight seeing.

First stop was the marble factory near the Marble Mountains.
Yep, they sell marble. Tons of items from cups to statues and home decor.

Bought myself a jade bracelet just for the fun of it.
I don't know if it's reasonable, authentic or whatsoever but paid RM400 and the parents were fine with it so all good I guess?

We then headed to Marble Mountains after.

The entrance to the caves.
There's an entrance fee, which is super weird. I'll explain more in a bit.

So right infront of this entrance, we had to pay an entrance fee to enter this cave.

It was pretty and had lights and typical cave stuff, but right past this thing (pic above) the routes got narrow, dark and the path was wet. We decided not to proceed further as we didn't want to trip or end up lost as we had no guide and they didn't provide any either. Even the white guy infront of us turned around. 

So we headed back out and we only spent 20 mins inside that cave? Probably it's the season so everything was gloomy and wet, so I wouldn't advice anyone to visit this cave on times like these.

Then we walked over to the tall elevator that looks like this.

It was kinda magnificent cause, dude we're in a mountain space/area and suddenly there's this tall elevator that looks so modern and etc.

So we thought it was included in the first ticket we purchased as it's well technically the same area right? But no. You have to purchase a ticket to ride the elevator up or you could go back into the cave and find the way up the mountain. I was like no way am I going back into the cave and figuring out in the dark how to get up there. Paid the 'entrance' fee again and ... tadaaaaaaaaaa!

It was pretty and you could see that part of the coast etc. I didn't take any picture as it was gloomy, it's just a long stretch of sand and foggy skies.

So there's a temple up there.

And that's the furthest we went as, the staircase was also narrow and slippery.
And any further is back into the mountain/cave. So we headed back to the elevator, just to find out that we now have to pay another fee to ride it back down. I was like wtf. Super con job maximus.

But yeah we weren't gonna go back in the cave so whatever.

Then we headed over to the Traditional Village.

A beautiful place and must visit if you want to see old buildings since back during the days where the Japanese invaded Vietnam. History and artifacts can be found there. But of course, there's beautiful boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes too.

The Japanese bridge. 

Sadly still gloomy and it was drizzling.

Tons of people were there to shoot wedding pictures.
I think throughout the day I've spotted at least 7 to 10 couples.

Too cute!

Oh by the way, there was an entrance fee to enter the village. No shocker there, but I wouldn't complain about this one as it's not too expensive and I could see that they use the money to maintain the place.

Plus on the ticket you would get this map or something of 'houses' you should spot and visit once inside. And only ticket holders are permitted to enter these premises.

A very pretty, quaint place to visit.

So after this we were quite tired and hungry to do anymore visits, so we headed to dinner straight.

We ended up at a fine dining Vietnamese restaurant lol.
The food was okay, nothing to complain about afterall it's fine dining and pricey.

But it's just something any Vietnamese restaurant in KL would serve you. 

Still rather would have the seafood dinner I had the night before over this haha.

You can read about that HERE.

Till then! x


Tenshi Chn said…
got to agree the cave trip was super con.. but the futuristic lift is really jaw dropping. lol..

stephiielim said…
Hahah, did you try to go further in? It was too dark so I chickened out.

You'd be interested in . . .