✈ Melbourne 2014 End Of The Year ♡ Stereosonic trip! ✈

A beautiful sunny day we took a trip to St. Kilda
So nice to be out in the sun and the cool weather.

I could wear my sweater and not sweat lol.

After a drive along the coast, we decided to stop by somewhere close to the pier for lunch.

And we decided to sit outdoors!
Other people would've sat inside, and when I meant other people I mean asians lol.

So anyways a few things we ordered.

Everything is just so fresh and so good.
I'm salivating as I am writing this right now. Sighs.
Why can't we have these here with prices like that. 

Anyways, meet Nabil haha. 

Beer and Fish & Chips for lunch?

We took a stroll for a bit after lunch then it was back to the CBD.

Nabil dropped us off at Bourke St. as I wanted to do some last minute shopping and because Christmas was near, the town was decorated with lovely decorations. 

We even had time to fool around Myers at the kids section for a bit and I decided to buy a violet lipstick. It was so pretty! I love dark lip colours as it does brings out my facial structures, but somehow I guess it doesn't relates to people as it's an odd color pfft.

Having some fun tryna beat each other at Pacman!
Haha guess who won, obv me duh. 

& I stumbled into Viktor & Rolf heaven!

However I didn't like their new scent called BonBon, still sticking to Flowerbomb.
And I didn't buy any as I have like at least 4 bottles at home haha.

We then went for tea at Emporium just cause we got kinda tired of walking and this girl hasn't tried out this place yet so why not.

We then walked along Swanston St. from Emporium just cause I wanted to have some Christmassy feeling before I headed back to Kuala Lumpur :(

Meet my new buddy! lol.

Okay I'm gonna try to aim celebrating Christmas this year somewhere snowy, fake snow would do as well. Like The Venetian Macau, haha. We'll see.

We then went to church for a bit.
I don't know, it's just calming in there, and eventhough I am a free thinker, I am closer to Christianity than other religion.

Then we had dinner with the rest which you can read here:

And came the next day it was bye bye Melbourne.

I had an awesome week!

Till then.


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