#OOTD : Florals and Mesh ♡ GUESS Accessories


Wearing prints can be a tricky one, but if you carry this rule with you, you’ll hardly go wrong! Always keep to one statement piece and then just build your outfit around it. As I had a full day out and about from one meeting to another, I decided to pick a dark form fitting floral pencil skirt. I was also feeling a tad bit adventurous and wanted to stand out at the same time, so I decided to go with a floral chiffon top to pair with.

Tied the whole look together with a floral pump and layered two necklaces, two bracelets, a pair of earrings and a simple ring. What could’ve been a simple look is now amped up with details and flair. I love how the two printed apparels match well so perfectly and I got a few comments of how I managed to pull the look off. I think it was the jewelry that made it a whole outfit!

A simple drop earring in the shape of a heart with a huge jewel in the middle definitely went well with my hair tied up as it drew attention to my neck. While the necklaces were layered with each other to draw attention to my collarbones.
The longer necklace had a rectangular pendant which accentuates my neckline while the heart shaped necklace goes as a set with my earrings and ring.

Solid bracelet for a sturdy look while a chain bracelet for a softer overall. Both goes well together like the necklaces without over empowering the whole look. Didn’t stack any rings but instead went with a huge one for that extra oomph.
In this look I am wearing a mixture of Wrapped In Love and Coins Of Love from GUESS? Accessories.

Definitely gives me the edge but keeping it flirty girlishly with these beautiful silver toned jewelry which paired with the whole floral look. Love my look? Shop them now at GUESS? Stores nationwide!

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Fionism said…
i love your top soooo much!!!
stephiielim said…
Hello Fion,

Thanks! It's from GUESS? :) Latest collection!

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