Shogun at Zouk Club KL '15 ♡

Time for some colourful visuals to liven up this blog!
Party time with the buddies throughout the weekend but I hardly bring my camera out anymore, too lazy, and too many pictures lol.

Maria, Roxane and myself.

Shogun was playing at Zouk that night.
We definitely had way too much fun!

Howie, Fono and myself.

You'll see what I mean by way too much fun lol.

Woke up the next morning with crazy loads of pictures and videos on my phone, and then I checked out my camera and wham! I was like dudeee, since when did me and Maria did a flaming? Asked her then she sent me the video of us drinking and it and neither of us remembered anything.

My tolerance for mixing alcohol has really gone down to zero. Or maybe even negative.

Howie and Shogun.

I think we headed to Velvet after, or maybe we didn't who knows lol.
And no one remembers anything hahah. What a night.

Till then! 


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